I did it.

In blog on January 24, 2008 at 12:22 am

Yes, I actually did it. I took Mr George Teo’s suggestion by burning the F.O.M notes and textbook, and placing the ash afterwards into a huge bottle and drank it. Wasn’t that bad, was unable to swallow it but eventually I forced myself to, tasted like fire.


Well, what can I say?

It worked like a freaking miracle. The paper was a breeze, my fingers ran like a mad man, number of pages used went sky high and finally a sudden and involuntarily sigh of relieve. The side effects of Mr George Teo’s secret recipe? For the whole two hours exam session, my heart pumped extra fast, say err, a thousand beats per minute? Nah, not that much but very close.

Maybe not. Drinking ash water would be insane. However, those description I used like my fingers running like a mad man, are indeed, a fact. The part where I stated the paper was a breeze is fortunately a fact as well, though others in my classmate felt the same way. Oh well, the toughest module is now officially over, or is it?

Stats is next. I’ve virtually went through the whole of semester two, done thousands of questions, familiarize with the formulas and understood the concepts. But the figgin theory? I mean, who the hell bothers? Normal Distribution, Un-normal(I know there’s another termed used but I don’t really have a reliable source near me right now to clarify) Distribution or whatever distribution they will ask us in the MCQ section. Yes, the textbook do explain the whole story but do we really have to? Honestly, lecturers or tutors didn’t emphasize on the understanding of these theories and now we are exposed to this kind of crap? Damn the MCQ costs us 20 marks.

Moving on, let’s get a little less academical and more lifely, more about life that is. Something suddenly bothers me like hell after today’s marketing exam, to be exact, when I am on my way to the bus stop. So we have hundreds of students making their way to the bus-stop or MRT as well and I unfortunately, appear to be stalking two china peeps doing a presentation about their encounters during the examination. Well, their conversation seem to be very market-oriented, like target market this, segmentation that and distribute another. Another group of china peeps stalking me behind appears to be having a discussion about their examination as well, again, market penetration this and market development that.

The bottom line? All of them are so freaking market-oriented. Well, sample size is 500 and without a population figure, the best estimate is that 500. Make that the whole Singapore of 4 million souls and taking account of the different level of polytechnic(year 1,2,3 and the graduated), am I right to say that up to 5000-50,000 people in Singapore are actually exposed to marketing? I mean, everyone knows marketing? Yes it’s simpler than other modules but hell, everybody understands it too. So, how different can we be when we enter the workforce? How do we position ourselves? How do we differentiate ourselves? Tell me figgin how? I know, it applies to every module we are going to be learning like Stats, Economics and P.O.A.

The key word is competition. Competition with the 50,000 people in Singapore. Oh wait, not to forget, and the other 6,602,224,175 people out there.Oops, another 300 babies are just being born the minute I type finish this sentence.

(Damn which one of you know marketing here?)


  1. Did you seriously burn the book?
    Global warming leh.
    Tsktsktsk. Haha.

  2. Lol no lah, it’s just some photoshop since I’ve nothing else better to do..

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