In blog on January 7, 2008 at 2:30 am

“3, 2, 1”

“GO, FREAKING GO, DAMN IT!” , exclaimed the bloody race starter.

“Shit”, I shouted as my engine is yet to be started, Thousands of cars with liveries painted with “Sponsored by School Of Business” have whizzed passed me like those irritating houseflies during lunch in the filthily old, uber-80s Food court 6(yes, we need an upgrade very urgently).

That was like a week ago when my Masterplan Christmas failed due to an overdose of useless activities and not to mention the dozens of hours of driving lessons, public humiliation test, Christmas and my beloved Grandmother’s funeral.

However, a new week have started but the race hasn’t. The race is still on and until now I have just started the engine, warming it up while the others had completed dozens of laps. Thoughts of success are starting to race through my mind just like those racing cars, knowing that nothing is going to happen unless I myself is going to do something about it. Problems might be rushing towards me like tsunamis but closing one eye to them will more or less solve the problems because nothing I do is capable of solving them.

So.. Less talk more action perhaps? But I have yet to mention my plans which are the reprogramming of my mind so that it is being future-oriented, exam-oriented, 7-Series-Oriented, happiness-oriented and success-oriented all the time. The list can go on but please, you guys won’t want to see the full list but that’s just me, thinking big is better than not thinking at all. Oh wait, I have to mention that immunity-oriented is also on my reprogram list so don’t bother talking bad about me or laughing at my think-big plans, doesn’t affect me one bit!



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