Mood, and how it Affects Christmas.

In blog on December 25, 2007 at 11:59 pm

Christmas is officially over and yet I still don’t understand why the Christmas mood is just so difficult to achieve. Songs like “Silent Night”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “Last Christmas” failed to create the ideal Christmas atmosphere. Perhaps external factors like recent events contributed to the reduced Christmas mood. Dinner last night was great especially with the presence of the Turkey, the BBQ pit and a few cakes. However, the night went by without knowing that Christmas was just minutes away and we forgot the countdown.

We’ve tried Orchard years ago, was too chaotic to deem it as a celebration.

Overnight celebrations last year but we were too tired to last the night, at least for myself.

This year? No concrete plans. Just dinners and not even a countdown.

But I do admit we found joy after the dinner at Red House. We feel so young once again but sadly Joey fell and end of story.

In conclusion, I prefer Christmas parties I had 5-6 years ago? Times where we ain’t intelligent enough to write an essay on what we lack to create a very Joyful Christmas celebration, like Snow, Christmas Trees and even real PRESENTS.

Those were the time.

Just give us snow damn it!

What’s next? Hmm, an entry on how Masterplan Christmas actually screwed up. That’s for tomorrow though.

See ya!


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