Two Weeks

In blog on December 13, 2007 at 10:02 pm

And going.

Two weeks of inactivity. Economics? Nope. PACC? Nope. Two big NOs.

My two big modules of horrors are still at status quo. I didn’t manage to get International Trade into my head neither did my attempt to understand Inventory went successful. I got to do something.

In the first place, how did I end up in this situation where everything just screwed up? Plans are not being followed. Excuses popping up like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, there are many things on my mind but that one thing didn’t manage to escape my attention. However, I know there are many more things to worry about like studies, my future, being fit and stuff etc.

The two weeks holiday will have to be put to good use. Basically, driving have taken up almost 25% of the three-hundred-and-thirty-six hours given to us. Bad decision to book all my driving lessons on this two week of holidays right? Imagine the huge opportunity costs it would incur. Who else to thank? Thank SSDC, where they disallow any practical lessons to be attended by students 20 days before the test date. With the exams around the corner, there is virtually no other available time slot I would be able to sacrifice. Neither do I want to fail the driving test.

All these events led to the birth of a new Masterplan where 85% of my time(excluding driving) would be given to my books and notes.  Why 85% you might ask? 15% would have to be given to Christmas, one or two outings and the ring-the-damn-bells thing.

Guess that’s all for now. See ya!


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