In blog on December 11, 2007 at 7:09 pm

Project, Project and Project. Four days of living with thoughts of nothing but projects.

FOM and CRS, CRS being the most relaxed. FOM was quite stressful, although I feel it’s interesting doing research, visiting their outlets and evaluating this and that. The worst part of the project is the last minute touch ups we have to do. This always happens all the time. For the many weeks we had we assumed our work was alright until the very last moment, the only thing we could do was rush. Mistakes were everywhere. We erased thousands of words and added more than that. The beauty of last minute work is that only now we could spot our mistakes. Fortunately we corrected all of it. In the end, the presentation went really well and Mr George Teo was impressed ,somehow, well, thanks to our Freshly Baked Pizzas and the water cushion! Sadly, I broke my old spectacles. Hence, there are no other alternatives other than the white one, which belongs to my sis. Will get a new pair of spectacles soon.

Of course there are lessons learned from major projects such as these. Higher quantity doesn’t mean higher quality. Guess that’s all I can say. Well, obviously I could mention more of this if this post was passworded but I prefer to be more transparent. I’ve always thought posting passworded entries to complain and whine about others is considered stupid and childish. It kills the purpose of blogging ain’t it?

On to TODAY, it was CRS presentation. CRS was relaxed. Too relaxed for comfort, honestly. In the end, it still worked out alright, this I have no idea why. There was practically no effort and no meetings being planned to discuss about our topic, which is Human Cloning. The night before, which is yesterday, I was completely unaware of the content we have to present. Until the very last hour did I finally went through the contents. Again, ultra last minute. Fortunately, it went ahead as hoped(not planned). We gunned down the questions, maybe because no one was mood for serious debates as we were like the last team to present?

Until now did I realize that presentations are not THAT tough, you just need to know your contents.

For now, let’s just have a little nap, for there is no more presentation for the next few weeks!

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  1. yay! 3 cheers for dai kor! HIP HIP HOORAY! ^.^ i think nothing was ever tough for you lor. And in the near future, nothing will be one lah. See you i know already. Anyway, WAS I ON YOUR MIND XD

    Stay great,

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