Day Off

In blog on November 30, 2007 at 11:59 am

I had to get away from all this shit like being hit by horrendous stress levels due to the shitloads of projects, exams, CCA, GEMS, personal Life, competition, constipat… on and on.

I feel breathless! It’s like I’m born to do stuff like this over and over and over again but in the end it doesn’t really work out. Damn this and damn that because everything is damned! Is this what life is about? Is this what Polytechnic is about?

DAMN! I’m not finished with this shit. Read on!

Therefore,I took a much needed BREAK. And the previous paragraphs was just shit talk. I don’t have exams yet, nor do I have constipation. Surprised to find myself more relaxed nowadays maybe due to the smaller workload(no econs and PACC tutorials?). Oh and not to forget that I took a little break from jogging as well. So I actually did gaming with my Brother for a few hours, during midnight that is. And I swear that I did a little economics, at least for 30 mins to get a better understanding of the complicated topics. It’s not an all play day anyway as my project group met up at Pizza Hut just now. The progress of our project was phenomenal! A little exaggerated, but we are on the fast track to be honest. Well then the bloody bus ride home was that bloody because I couldn’t even have a rest in the bus. It was totally impossible to get a rest because there are no possible positions to get comfortable. All you could do was sit up straight and watch TV-Mobile.

A hour later I was home. Started the lappy and then received messages from Facebook. This instance I was hooked to it. I surfed a little, tried out different features like the bloody IQ test. Well, my score was above average but not that great, Rebecca’s one was like 138++?! Installed different application and stuff. Saw many strangers on the network list but recognized some. Yeah, that’s how sad it is, a few hundred of people in the lecture hall but we only knew those that are our classmates. Enough of Facebook.

Things are going full swing next week, with many deadlines of projects being set on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be doing all my project work tomorrow since I have the time, and to proof that I don’t set Saturday as a day to catch up to modules that I don’t understand, for no friggin reason and being said as lazy. Well, recent rumors tells me that not everything you do is appreciated. Note taken and I’ll change for the better! Don’t appreciate? Don’t expect it. Simple ain’t it?

Oh and not to forget, I can already smell Christmas. Which is like two weeks away? I’ll make sure the two weeks holiday is a well-planned one. Timetable is not out yet but I’ll surely set one or two day for leisure activities while the rest will be used for the usual stuff.

Lastly not to forget, I’ve tentatively decided what to use the 2-3mths holiday for. It shall be the most productive holiday ever. Nope, I didn’t mention work did I? It’s definitely out. Now, it’s just the drive towards my future. Things like WORK should be best kept aside,eh?


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