That’s what I call project work.

In blog on November 24, 2007 at 12:52 am

November 23 is the day to remember, it’s the day I actually experience serious project work.

After ITAB, My FOM group made our way to Pizza Hut at Bukit Timah plaza, a place that I have not heard of, honest. It is due to the fact that I live in the north-east region, far from Bukit Timah, not to mention Dover. Surprisingly, the place looks and feels quite modern, though the facade doesn’t really qualify, by today’s standard that is. The Pizza Hut branch here is very new, compared to J8 and Heartland mall. Rebecca said they had just finished renovations. Great lighting, comfortable sofas and seats plus two power plugs. We would have given Pizza hut a good scores if we are doing IDEAS, but this is FOM.

We found our ideal seats, got comfortable,unpacked and discuss a little. Family Feast was first on our list at first but the waiter recommended us to try the Express Lunch set – which they claimed that they would serve everything within 15 mins – at a cheaper price as well. True enough, we’ve got pizzas on our plates within 15 minutes. Photos were taken for photographic evidence and for presentation purposes, well, we don’t see any “No Photography” sign, so why not? Might prove useful.

It was a filling lunch, too filling to be exact. However, the temptation was too huge to resist, so came another Hawaiian. Soon afterwards, Amber and Herald left for their GEMS. Adam went off after eating his pizza.

Here’s where the fun begins. So there’s only 3 of us – Kenneth, Rebecca and I. We decide to get really serious. Kenneth closes his games, Rebecca ends her call and well, I ceased surfing the net. There we go, we started. This is the first time we actually proceeded step by step. Everyone of us gave our own opinion and there was of course debates, but fun ones. We were very satisfied at our pace, it was smooth and swift yet we are confident what we are doing is correct and according to Mr George Teo’s wants and needs.

The discussion went on and on, unbelievably fun. The feeling was alien. I mean, how could work and fun co-exist? Never experienced that before. Previous discussions were very unsuccessful due to reasons like being unmotivated, lack of information and knowledge. This meeting alone makes me want to have more of these projects. We also found out that working in smaller groups is more effective and efficient. Members are easier to control and there are lesser distractions and reduced tendency to go off-topic.

This I have to mention : the services provided by the staff of Pizza Hut was superb. The friendly manager actually asked us if we need any help regarding our project and would gladly provide information. Eventually, some questions popped up on our mind and so we approached the manager for some help. She gave us detailed answers intelligently. Of course, three of us are satisfied. That really made our day. Unfortunately, we don’t know the manger’s name. What I can do is recommend this branch to others.

That’s not all. A man, believed to be the franchisee, came forward to us to ask if the internet connection is alright. Kenneth and Adam lamented that their connection wasn’t very stable. The man answered their problems. He then ended the conversation with a big Thank You.

That concluded our FOM meeting at Pizza Hut. As I had stated earlier, this is quite a good start for our FOM project. May our group pass with flying colors! Thanks to our members for making the effort!

That’s all for now!


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