Comfort Zone

In blog on November 20, 2007 at 2:11 am

I know it’s weird.

Two separate blog posts. 10-20 minutes time difference. And maybe different tone.

But the reason is that I’m in my comfort zone now. Which means, the previous blog post was written in a non-comfort zone.

Yes I know it’s confusing, I’ll explain.

Actually this whole thing is due to a screwed up schedule. So screwed up that I lost an hour of sleep typing this, I lost the time to jog and lost the time to complete my stats assignment. The one and only thing that screwed my schedule up is that hair-cut. Which I should have done it like 2-3 days ago when I have the time, but I used that time for sometime else instead, and this led to a sudden influx of regret.

It’s like a chain reaction!

Just a change of plans like going shopping in Popular instead of going for a hair cut at EC House would cause catastrophic events to happen. I’ll list them below:

  • Going Popular last Friday instead of a hair-cut cost me 50 bucks, which I had spent on something very undesirable. Something that will cause huge distractions.
  • As a result of that one very purchase, I rushed back home.
  • The time I spent at home was wasted on that one product itself.

What happen today was:

  • My hair sucked today, so it’s time for hair-cut.
  • Took BUS instead of MRT to Kovan due to forgetfulness
  • Spent an extra 30 mins on bus 74.
  • Met my sister at Heartland Mall.
  • Ate, Shopped and had fun. 2 hours virtually wasted. But not to forget that anytime spent with family members are always precious.
  • Time available to study? Almost none.
  • None because there are urgent assignments to be done first, like that bloody CRS essay?
  • Only one Stats Question attempted at 1.45am

And to think that I sat at my dining table till 1.45am. The whole house was in silent mode. Every word I type will create echo. And I don’t feel very fantastic sitting at my dining room alone at this time. You know? That kind of feeling? The only thing I can think of is to finish typing that blog entry and getting the hell out of there! Here I am now, in my comfort zone.

To summarize it up, don’t ever change your plans without any valid reason! At least that is what I had learnt today.

And now, beauty sleep is what I really want. But what if that feeling comes back again? :0

  1. LOL. every single second and minute sure is important to our family my brother. JUST ASKING. Is sleeping with me precious too?! =D LOL i’m so gay. HAHA. Joking. Anyway, what’s that feeling? And what’s that purchased product? GOW?

  2. What the.

    Not GOW lah.. something confidential.

  3. hey. i got a blog, go check it out. (: i havent really organise everything yet ;p

  4. hey. do you know how to get the profile and blogroll part to appear on the blog? i can’t seem to get it done :p

  5. lol. what thing confidential? like like like? maybe a little cute bear izit. HAHA.

  6. @ley23, thanks for the visit and have fun reading! Will visit your blog. to add stuff you have to go presentation then to the widgets tab to add stuff.

    @defcon, not a bloody cute little bear lah omg. Something Digital.

  7. wah orh hor! never tell me. what thing XD let me think, a battery? no? maybe a new small mini virdeo camera LOL

  8. hey (: thanks a lot. nice blog by the way, funny too XD

  9. dai kor please add her to your blog roll ^^

    her name’s si lei, can put Ley also

  10. Thanks and I think I added you accidentally =X

    @defcon, shall I put si lei/ley

  11. thanks (: hehe. im like so paiseh now đŸ˜› heh heh.

  12. Put Ley lor =D Anyway, what thing add accidentally?

  13. Welcome.. no need pai seh la, adding links is the part and parcel of blogs. Thanks for adding me as well..

    @ DEFKON : Nothing lah, you guys didn’t catch the joke.

  14. hehe. yup (: how’s poly life anyway? my bro is in temasek poly (:

  15. Poly life is ok so far, stress level is quite high and fun factor may be quite low, but I anticipate an increase in fun factor in the future. Getting used to it already.

    Your bro temasek? That’s like damn far away, lol.. Which course and year?

  16. đŸ˜€ its the culinary & catering management course. its his first year.

  17. Ohh, Hospitality thingy, preparing for the Integrated Resort eh??

  18. hehe. dunno X) heh heh. but next time i think i wanna take up design course đŸ™‚ in poly. but my mum says its too early for me to say yet XP

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