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Basically, I’m just going to post a short update on what happened yesterday and today, a very short one as it’s already 1.46am!

It was my Sister’s birthday party yesterday. There’s only one word to describe this whole party, WOW. It was there! The atmosphere is present, I’ve never felt this partyish before . The amount of people, my Sister’s funny friends, my relatives from both sides, my cousins and my family total up to a huge amount of people. Highlights were the balloon photo-taking session, it was plain fun. Next was the jumping flash thingy. Jaslyn, Marcus and I was like jumping like hell while SARAH was the photographer, not bad for a first timer SARAH! My favourite includes the cake-cutting session. My sister made a very touching speech which results in tears rolling down, definitely not me as I have good tear gland control. But I was touched, of course.

The ultimate conversation was one of the best I’ve ever err, took part in. What I thought was happening to myself is actually happening to others! Like the internet being so boring nowadays and having no one talking to you on MSN(which is a sad thing). Well, we were victims of these little issues but we are not held back by it. Went on to fantasize on our Cousinvacationica. We fantasize being in Japan(Marcus), in Korea, New York( omg me) and even Thailand (what the hell SARAH?). The sad thing is that our timetable are all different. Way different. Some were in Polytechnic, some secondary schools and some JC, or well, just one. Don’t worry, we’ll have a holiday trip in the near future!

Those were the highlights, I’ll elaborate more on the party tomorrow.

Now, going on to my daily thoughts. My thoughts are mixed, seriously mixed like hell. Our day started very badly. FOM presentation went haywire. We were whacked upside down by the teacher and not to mention some classmates. It got my teacher very disappointed. Which LEADS to a thought. I knew this was coming. There was no teamwork, no co-ordination and the job was split up like hell. 2 slides/person. That’s all. What we had met up for was just the compiling of data and slides. We thought we were ready.

A lesson learnt I guess. However, Mr George Teo’s quote really strike my mind, it was “Everyone’s too busy with their own life”. Too true indeed. Just imagine what would happen if others actually kept their life problems out and concentrate, we can achieve big things.

Moving on to other thoughts, like having a funner class? Every lesson today was hit by laughter, at all directions. Hatred sort of evaporated. Laughter was addictive. We felt more like a polytechnic class. It was great alright. However, can this last? What happens just now will only remain as a memory. Talking about memory leads to another thought.

I was going through my father’s old video cam tapes just now and I happened to come across a tape filmed in Hong Kong in 2003, at least 4 years ago from today. The feeling is indescribable. You just want to go back to the past and experience everything again. Everything is so perfect, just like a film being directed by a good director. The timing is perfect, the words and laugher is priceless. The care and concern my parents gave to me at that period of time are similar to what I felt today but of greater value and are very strong catalyst of tears when I actually think of it. How I wish it could last.

That’s all for today and I’ll update on the party once the photos are up. Sarah, Jasyln and Marcus please be patient for the photos, will be up hopefully on Wednesday night. Stay tuned for news!

  1. quick man!….haha…this is the firsttime i visit ur blog so frequently…haha…i am waiting!!

  2. Uploaded the first part, will tell you details later!

  3. uploaded?..where?

  4. HAHA!!for a first timer YES I’M NOT BAD OKAY!!haha!


    Still considering if I should give a D or an F!

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