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In blog on November 12, 2007 at 11:00 am

Damn, time flies like there’s no tomorrow. It felt like it was Monday just hours ago, and a moment later it was Friday, Average Friday. It was MST week, exams, exams and exams. Starting with ITAB, it went quite well, though I hate the fact that my study mood sort of drained off on Sunday. Which means that I only utilized one or two hours of the day actually going through MS Access. The rest was sleep and TV. Maybe it was just the much needed rest I have to take after one whole week of non-stop studying.

Monday was seriously a non-productive day. 5-10% to be exact, it was stats the day after but my mind just doesn’t want to do anything. I was real tired. Eventually I took a nap and it went on for 3-4 hours. Even a jog didn’t help to boost my study mood. There you go, one whole day got eaten off just like that. And the consequences? Stats was screwed up. I didn’t study much of Sampling which leads to the loss of vital marks. Thankfully, the rest of the sections was quite a breeze. In the end, it still boils down to being constant, and I failed badly at that, what I thought wouldn’t be of much importance eventually turned out to be that important. Oh well, better luck next time I guess?

Exams for the next few days as stated earlier. PACC, and then Economics afterwards, which is today. These two modules are quite safe, although weather I can score is not that certain.

Today was average, the end of exam mood is absent. Definitely not what I expect it to be. School started with stairs climbing. The instant I arrived, 5-storey worth of stairs greeted me. The lift was down and the class is up there. The time limit? 5 minutes. And god, it was an agonizing climb. Every step I take dozens of droplets of sweat flow down my forehead. The end result? Being too ready for my exam. Makes me look as if I have pre-exam syndrome.

This post have been delayed for 2 days(it’s 12 nov today), and whatever happened on that day is quite vague, so it’s no point continuing this post, so it shall be bye!

  1. hey…upload the pics leh!!!!

  2. Lol, I still haven’t edit the photos yet, no time, will do ASAP K.

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