In blog on October 25, 2007 at 12:48 am

There is now a new breed of Humans, The Humaleons(Humans + Chameleon) . And I don’t know how they evolved to this state.

It is amazing watching how people can adapt to different situations and change their thinking so quickly. Some are those who does silly stuff and in the end loses other’s respect and on the other hand, increase their notorious image. This then led to the development of a long-term plan to gain back respect and lose his/her spoilt image. Sometimes, people like this can be very irritating. Especially during times when they start to suck up to other people and increase their amount spent with people that actually loathe or dislike him. Of course, people will try to stay away from him/her and try not to communicate with him, but the dilemma is that to reject or say no is the hardest thing to do. There is no best answer, even “Anything” doesn’t work, he/she will assume it is a Yes. What’s next, another period of un-joyful period of project/outing/celebration.

The next big difficulty is to assign jobs to him/her. As an outsider that suddenly invade your own private group of friends/family, you will have no confident or interest to assign jobs to this one particular person. However, the requirement is to have every single member to do something. Not to mention that every member in a group has the same marks and grade, hence, contributing to the overall problem we already faced, mentioned earlier.

To sum up the first point:

We have to deal with:

  • unnecessary and irritating disturbance
  • decisions that are hard to make
  • difficulty in assigning jobs

That sort of concludes first part, Adapting to the current situation.  Next in line, behavior and own thinking. I’ll post it tomorrow.


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