Just Saying Hi.

In blog on October 23, 2007 at 12:23 am

I’m not dead yet. It’s just that the last few days blogging was completely out of my mind. To summarize it up, Saturday was Marketing day, I clocked 5 hours on it alone, considering the fact I DO want to do well for this module, it might just be my big next thing. Hmm, Sunday, can be said to be a great family day. What else can I ask for? It’s me, my parents my siblings and my two pet, Snoopy and Blackie(for your info, it’s a mynah). Although a typical breakfast, we now have Snoopy running around in the kitchen, playing fetch with small apples and such, it was a period of extreme joy! Almost un-describable.

Today was literally a normal day. Routine again, Although I did experience serious Project Work activities during FOM today. I shall not mention about my crappy timetable thing over and over again lest it get so boring. However, just to update on the Operation Change Me thingy, it’s going quite well I would say. My weight is decreasing at a rate of err, 0.2kg/day? Plus minus that amount. But a little feast at times actually increased it a little, but was helped by my regular jogging. I have yet to do a review on my new Nike+ Jasari, integrated with the Nike+ iPod kit, it’s totally a new experience. On-the-spot jogging statistics like distance, speed and calories etc. Won’t mention so much here as I will do a review soon enough.

In terms of my academic life, I’m doing lots of revision and homework nowadays. I don’t know what’s pushing me, maybe it’s the Clouds? Who knows? Maybe it’s just a thirst for achievement. One big thing that I had found out is that I had been under-achieving for the last few months. The fact that nothing can be too difficult if you actually went home to revise what teacher had taught in school and do the homework that had been assigned. Call me stupid or retarded, but until this few days then did I realise the satisfaction of understanding almost 100% of your work. I had been slacking too much, yes, TOO MUCH, for the last few months. Well, to make it up, I’ll just study as hard as I could now, GPA of 3.0 isn’t THAT hard eh? I’ll do it, don’t laugh.

(just a little note, I will only be blogging on alternate days, for example, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is to reduce time wastage and spending too much on my computer, till then!)


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