Summarizing My Thoughts for the last few days

In blog on October 17, 2007 at 11:51 pm

A topic to begin with, which is receiving criticism for being a patriotic Singaporean. I love Singapore, I love Singaporean buildings, I am proud of Singapore’s booming economy, I am proud of Singapore’s achievements, I am proud of anything Singapore. Is there any wrong in it? Well, I am a Singaporean and naturally I will of course love my own country. It’s not like I’m some freak who complains about the government all the time. They don’t know the real facts but they still rant and rant and rant and rant about it(Examples being the increase in GST).

Continuing my point, I post many news articles about Singapore like having high standard of living, busiest port in the world, new skyscraper being proposed etc so as to expose these news to a bigger audience(though no. of views is still tiny compared to others). However, I received comments that those are just crap and I am just trying to gain views by posting these articles or being questioned on the significance of these achievements or news.

Hell. These type of useless comments are of no use to me and will not dent my interest in posting them on my blog nor will they reduce my confidence level in my own country. Lastly, I just don’t understand why LOVING your own country is deemed as UNCOOL. Just don’t understand.

Secondly, I’ll talk about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I know, old topic. You guys might think this is just another rant about my pathetic circle of friends BUT, I still have to let it out. The cause for this thought? It’s because I thought I had found a new group of friends that I can hang out with or study with. I know this is public but so? Just can’t let it stay in my heart forever, these crap gotta go.

The first few days of school gave me a “Sneak Peak” of what I might encounter for the rest of the semester. Obviously, it is fun. Going out during those long and boring breaks that are uncalled for. We went Macdonald’s at Clementi and even went bowling at Safra. Talked, joked and played. Those were one of my funnest times I had for the last 6 months of school.

Sadly, it didn’t last. Presently, we can be said to be in a state of despair. What was once a group virtually split up and I was caught in the middle. Maybe it didn’t, but that was what I felt. There’s now two groups that I don’t belong to. Just like a road being diverted to two directions, me being the car unable to turn left or right but stop on the white line. It’s just that no one wants to admit the fact.

It’s just on and off. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. Unable to fit into 90% of most conversations, one is discussing about handsome guys and the another being about girls. Well, honestly, I just don’t fit into these group. I don’t spike, I don’t exaggerate my dressing and I don’t surf Friendster to find partners. Hell, after all, this is just a Polytechnic right? Fancy shirts and ugly spikes are necessary? Not to me, but maybe yes to the thousands of students in these Polytechnics.

What might be the end effect? Friends that once again ask you to do things for them? Friends that do not even ask you out for outings during holidays? Friends that allows your contact name on MSN to be filled with spiderwebs.

Ah, Friends. There’s more than it meets the eye indeed.

Beside Singapore Flyer, Singapore : Split

Left or right?I’ll rather be the sign.

My next entry might be about general population’s behaviour, MIGHT BE.


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