A Crappy Day Indeed.

In blog on October 10, 2007 at 12:11 am

These few days are mighty crappy. Stress levels are at all time high due to the screwed up timetable. Today was a good example of going through hell for a few times.

School starts at 8.30 today, had a test and went through it quite well. It was followed by an hour break, so we went to Macdonald’s to have breakfast. It was lecture next. A grueling one-hour grandmother story telling session. Honestly, I had never felt this sleepy and my attempts to stay awake was almost futile. Every minute is an hour. Yes, that’s how slow time goes by during Econs lectures. And after that? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, another pathetic 1-hour break. This time our braincells didn’t die, we didn’t bother to think of where to go, so we just sat outside the lecture hall and, err, practically stare at each other. Unfortunately, I wasn’t energetic enough to do that, I slept instead.

Another part of the day began the instant I woke up from my beauty sleep, it’s FOM time. Great time indeed, Mr George Teo was hilarious as ever! I won’t bother to elaborate on this whole lecture as I am dead tired. Thankfully, time went by quite quickly and the lecture was over. However, it’s not time to go home yet, DARN.

Another break for us, I won’t bother to elaborate on this as well, slack time. But I just can’t help to think how pathetic my class was(will elaborate another day)

Then it was CRS. 2 hours went by slowly as usual. It was a one hour ride to Hougang. Took MRT to Kovan for a haircut, then walked home.

Done some econs and then here am I. A crappy day indeed.


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