Think you’re very big? THINK AGAIN!(picture of rotating Flyer)[Photo Intensive]

In blog on October 6, 2007 at 12:38 am

The Singapore Flyer standing at 165m, will be the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel(not Ferris wheel) when it completes in early 2008(although only for a few months).

The whole Singapore Flyer Structure will be 165m tall, the diameter of the wheel being 150m. The Singapore Flyer promises you an aerial view of the magnificent Singapore City Skyline and neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Excited? One ticket costs us only SGD$29.90 for adults, SGD$20.65 for childrens and SGD$23.60 for a 30minute ride. You are also able to book one whole capsule for your own event like birthday parties, meetings and even marriages for quite a huge price of around SGD$1000+. Unfortunately, from what I read from the newspapers and Channel News Asia, 1.5 million tickets had already been sold, so, the first few month’s out for us.

Click more to continue for more Singapore Flyer Pictures.

Okay, here are some pictures of the Singapore Flyer and a little sneak peak on what they are offering.

The Singapore Flyer’s Capsule being fitted.

Singapore Flyer ,Marina Bay, Singapore : Wow

The carpark roof garden, maybe a restaurant?


The huge capsules, able to carry 28 passengers.(around the size of a mini-bus)

Crates, lots of crates!


Close-up of the cranes.


The Generator?


A dome-like roof.



Lastly, the outdoor Greek Theatre


Lastly, the promo video of The Singapore Flyer.

That’s all folks!

Be prepared for the ultimate experience of what The Singapore Flyer can offer!

For more info, visit the Singapore Flyer website

Oh, not to forget, the animation of The Singapore Flyer rotating(gotta wait for it to finish loading)


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  2. they’ve already removed the coverings of the capsules.. very nice..

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