One of the worst day of my life?

In blog on October 1, 2007 at 9:53 pm

Today was truly a depressing day although it started up fine.

School screwed everything up.

Breakfast in the morning at Macdonald’s gave me a much needed boost of energy for the long day I’ll be going through, from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. School started with Statistics lecture and Mr Ken was going through Estimation, and I though it wasn’t that tough. Well, I was attentive though-out the lecture perhaps thanks to my breakfast in the morning. Lecture’s out and me and my “gang” will now have to sort out what to do in this gruesome 2-hour break. Pathetically, we sat at Food Court 6(FC6) for the whole 2 hours. Seriously, the atmosphere at FC6 sucks. Old, non-air-conditioned and full of people, oh, not to mention, seriously noisy.

Still, we still have to stay there. Played PSP and listening to my iPod was the things I can only do as there wasn’t enough plugs for all of us to use. Another aspect of Singapore’s Polytechnic’s screwed up facilities. 2 hours of doing nothing. Kudos to the Moronic freaks who planned our timetable, how I wished I was in NP, where I can choose timetables or being in RP with superb facilities. SP’s Diplomas + RP’s Facilities is a dream come true indeed, minus the stress level.

Next to come, Fundamentals Of Marketing(F.O.M). As usual, started out great, but now the song All Good Things(Come To An End) plays in my mind. Mr Teo was great. Entertaining and teaching us at the same time, no doubt he’s going to my Best Teacher Of The Year List 2007.I just loathe his over-emphasize on the Campus Superstar crap, on that 13-year old monster(named shawn) that I heard everyone’s crazy about just because he’s a little freak. Damn all these chinese idol crap. Continuing my entry on F.O.M, it was time to do some project work. That’s where my day went down hill. We were told to do some research on a company Informatics, to find out what are the factors that caused the fall of this company. I started out very enthusiastic as this is the first time I am doing group work with my new “Team”. Discussions started and we started searching the web for info. Discussions continued while I continue the research. It got intense and all of us wanted to input, so I spoke and was told to shut up first. Wtf? Was shocked. I don’t see why any of us are deprived from contributing into the whole discussion.

It then came another hour of break as we were let off earlier. We sat there and do our own things, PSP, PSP, Laptop and me myself? Listening to iPod. School can’t get more miserable than this. I just don’t feel belonged. One of my legs is in disgusting Malaysia and one is in crappy Indonesia, damn. I think I’ll soon have to stand in Singapore alone. I don’t feel so comfortable anymore, serious. But I don’t mean any of my classmates suck or whatsoever, maybe one or two but doesn’t really make a difference.

But, I”ll just close an eye and let school past as fast as possible, get good grades and let it be.

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  2. Oh … don’t tell me you are going to wish to just let this 3 years of poly be a suffering sort of?

    And even thought NP can choose timetable, I choose one with 2 hours breaks just because we want to be together! Omg! Is it a bad choice?

    And my PSP games are getting boring … JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!

  3. Perhaps wasting your time by updating SEE NO EAT will be good….

  4. End this year is good enough, and pray for a better year!

    And you are good lor, ENVY!

    Regarding the PSP issue, err, my PSP games also getting boring, but no new games recently =X

    Lastly, dont have picture to upload leh! must wait for sis!

  5. Alll you can say is WAIT? omg! THAT IS THE MOST INHUMAN THING you said!!!!

    hahahahahhaah and nothing good about mine! WAR WILL once again rise! I AM SURE!!!!

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