In blog on September 25, 2007 at 7:53 pm

Alright, I am about to embark on the most ambitious plan I ever had, to change myself completely.

Operation CHANGE ME will consist of:

  • Eating Healthy
  • Going fit
  • Being Hardworking
  • Being more into Business
  • Tracking my daily spendings and reducing them
  • My lifestyle itself
  • Doing things I like and not let anyone affect it, Photography etc

And one more thing, may my family, my cousins and friends remind me of this whole operation thingy in case I veer off course, thanks!

I will not remove the above banner until my goal is met.

  1. Okay .. go fit together hor! I DON’T HOPE THAT YOU BECOME FIT AND I AM STILL FAT!

  2. I mean you can do a better banner …

  3. Yeah go fit together, this can’t delay any FURTHER!!

    And what’s wrong with my banner =0, too many words? lol..

  4. Hmmmm … Not class AND simple and don’t suit you!

  5. I mean not simple ..

  6. And is there a way to restart blog stat?

  7. hmm, will leave it there for a while, then strike off those I had achieved, will leave my blog a little neglected for now =X

    And I guess to restart blog stat is to delete the blog itself.

  8. Oh okay …

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