Korean Crazy, I am.

In blog on September 18, 2007 at 9:34 am

Not those disgusting actors you see on TV(err, rain?micky thingy?Holy no), not those old same and lame dramas you watch daily(love here love there, at last also die), not those online games you are addicted to(err, ragnarok?) and lastly, not all those Korean songs(no idea what are those but to hell to them).

The truth is, I am actually addicted to.. KOREAN FOOD(most likely their JUNK FOOD). I don’t know why but their potato chips are actually tastier than normal ones. I’ve never noticed this until recent events, like shopping with my sis in Square 2, the new shopping center beside Novena Square(Sarah you might want to visit it as it’s everything Korean, almost everything)

The milk ice cream, the spicy chips that looks like French Fries.

Gotta try them all!

  1. i still miss the kimchi burger i had in Seoul!!! 😀

  2. lol, what’s kimchi?

  3. Spicy Korean vegetables 🙂

  4. omg, looks damn spicy =0

  5. square 2 open like long time ago..haha…but the things are not cheap


  6. haha.i knew long long ago.hahaha!
    and please wads with the “micky thingy”

  7. MY GOD?!you dont know wads kimchi?!?!HAHA!ok nevermind.

  8. @ jaslyn, not cheap but worth it! I even bought the powder to fry the prawn so that it taste like korean!

    @ sarah, err, the micky thing that marcus is talking about, lol… and yes, i dont know whats kimichi at first, but I’m not a korean freak like you SARAH! =X

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