The ugliest cars in the world

In blog on September 17, 2007 at 10:04 am

Made by the most uncreative and ignorant people in the world, it’s Made-In-China.

Stumbled Upon a blog post not regarding imitation Zara , Gucci or L.V goods, it’s imitation cars.

So far, two Made-In-China automobile companies had invaded Singapore. Since last year, you might have seen many look alike cars on the roads, most commonly the as Cherry QQ(as fake Daewoo Matiz) and Geely Merrie 300(as Mercedes C Class). These cars are 100% rip off from the original design. I can’t believe even the Cherry QQ is an imitation, since it looks so cheap and of low quality build. I can’t imagine what kind of feeling you will get driving cars like these, only people who have no other choices or have a very tight budget will buy these Made-In-China cars.

Taken From: Here

Some pictures below:


Cherry QQ(Copy of Daewoo Matiz)

as Geely Merrie 300(Copy of Mercedes C Class)

AutoMobile Imitation 03
Landwind(Copy of Opel (Vauxhall) Frontera)
AutoMobile Imitation 04
Laibao SRV(Copy of Honda CRV)
AutoMobile Imitation 05
Zonda A9(Copy of Neoplan Starliner)
AutoMobile Imitation 06
Hongqi HQD(Copy of Rolls-Royce Phantom)
AutoMobile Imitation 07
Chinese Smart(Copy of Smart)
AutoMobile Imitation 08
Dadi Shuttle(Copy of Toyota Prado)
AutoMobile Imitation 09

Greatwall Sing(Copy of Nissan XTrail)

AutoMobile Imitation 10
BYD F6(Copy of BMW7 Series)

AutoMobile Imitation 11
BYD F6 Logo(Copy of BMW logo)

AutoMobile Imitation 12
Geely Logo(Copy of Toyota Logo)

They even copied the BMW 7 Series! These Made-In-China companies makes good things look bad, seriously.

  1. the chinese can’t design proper cars worth a damn. but again, there was a time when we laughed at the koreans for producing strange looking automobiles. the chinese are going to have to prove themselves worthy and stop copying every damn car in sight

  2. Korean cars are way way better, but china? Can’t really tell..

  3. And here is something more interesting stuff about toyota logo. Take a look at that

  4. the Geely auto already change their logo.
    the Toyota-ish logo is no longer used.

  5. China is too stupid to come up with anything on there own besides noodles and firecrackers. Copy cars, clothing, military secrets, and everything else from other countries. Its amazing China as a people have any pride whatsoever for anything they do. Not to mention any crappy product in store is referred to as “must of been made in china”. Pathetic! If it wasn’t for there “cheap” labor, and corporate greed of companies globally, they still would be a 3rd world country isolated from the world.

  6. โลโก้ัยงก็อปกันลง 555

  7. puta que o pariu!

  8. Korean or even Malaysian car are much better..

  9. I don’t care what anyone says, ALL jap cars are ugly! No imagination at all! Buy American!

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