Time lapses and what are they.

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Some of you might wonder what time lapses are. Time lapses are mostly in forms of videos but they can be in a form of images as well. Generally, they are fast-forwarded footages of the original videos. You can actually make a video that is 5 hours long into a 1 minute video or a few years of video into a 10 minutes video, or even less. Basically, they show the whole process of something, for example, the construction of a building, decomposition of a rat and a decaying apple etc. They can be lots of fun but it is very time consuming, spanning from hours to years. I’ll post a few here so you guys can have a better idea of what they are.

Just what the hell are Time Lapses?:

Time lapses of different sceneries/cityscapes.[Few Hours]

A man driving from L.A to New York, one of the best ever seen. [Few days]

Time lapse of one fixed location [A whole year]

As you can see from above, they are very beautiful and clever. The video of the guy who drove from L.A to N.Y.C managed to showcase his WHOLE journey which lasted at least a few days into a 4 minute video clip. Pretty impressive isn’t it? Different sceneries plus nice music will give the viewer a very strong feeling, it’s like time had stopped or slowed down, as seen from the second video on top. Just how do they do it? Might be a bit of common sense but I’ll continue.

Get to the point, just how the hell do they do it?

If you want to create videos of Time Lapses out of images, It isn’t THAT hard. It just requires lots of patience, lots of time and lots of money(not that much, just get a camera, a tripod and a remote control). Other than that, you just require a hand to hit the button! Oh, and not to forget, a watch(or a timer) so that you can take a picture at intervals(1 min, 2 min, 3 min etc). On the technical side, you’ll need some video editing software to import the pictures and make them into a video.

If you would like it to be an image(GIF), you’ll need Photoshop(Adobe Photoshop, if you’re new to the whole design scene). Today’s generation of cameras should name your photos into numerical order, so you won’t have to worry so much about the order of the photos, they’ll turn out fine.

Well for videos, I can safely say that you’ll just need a camcorder and a tripod, the rest would be a HUGE(might be GIGANTIC) amount of disk space and a laptop( if you’re out of home). So you’ll just have to position your tripod properly, do necessary adjustments and just hit the record button. You may then take a nap, or rather, enjoy the scenery while the camcorder does the work. What program you need I am not very sure, perhaps Adobe Premier?

Noted, so what are you gonna do about it?

Hmm, I’ll want to try out some nice time lapses with my camera, although I can’t promise superb ones as I am quite new to the scene. I’ll start out with the construction going on behind my house, with the construction workers and cranes moving about, it’ll be quite a good start. Then; I’ll do some at Marina Bay next 🙂


K, thx, bye.

Wait, not to forget, remember to get some Umbrellas for your camera or camcorder, in case it rains! Stay tuned for some of my own Time lapses.


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