Thanks, Starhub.

In international, internet, internet speed, linksys, maxonline, pathetic, premium, singapore, slow, starhub, surfing on September 14, 2007 at 11:53 am

For the pathetic services they’re providing.

Recent news regarding Starhub’s speed cap on international websites have proven that the S$81 bucks my Father had payed monthly for their “PREMIUM” Maxonline plan has gone to waste.

As read from here, a user proved that Starhub had capped international surfing speed at 10-15kb/s. Which is WAY below what we should get, for me, a “Premium” Maxonline user, should get speeds at 1200KB/s.

Starhub has so far provided very poor internet service to us, disconn

At around 12 yesterday, I was unable to complete this post due to some connection error due to the modem, continuous resetting of the modem and router doesn’t help at all, until 10.30am today I am then able to connect to the internet.

Continuing yesterday’s post, what Starhub had provided us wasn’t world-class at all. Being subscribed to Maxonline Premium, I believe I should get download speeds of at least 12,000kb/s, however, for the previous years I’ve been using Starhub, the maximum speed I’ve got is only around 1mb/s, and not to mention that it is very very rare, common downloads are at a minimum of 60-70kb/s and a maximum of 100kb/s. Is is what Starhub call “Premium” ?

Going on, I have yet to mention the whole Linksys “incident”. As I had mentioned earlier, due to random disconnections I had encountered, my sister called Starhub to check with them what was actually happening. Well, Starhub said I was still connected to the server and my modem is “fine”, so they recommended us to get a new router as my old router might be faulty. Convinced, my Father bought a brand new Linksys router, and we happily configured it. We were quite excited as this router will allow us to surf at a wider range, it covers almost any part of my house. It worked fine at first, however, a few hours later, the connection suddenly disconnected as well.

Considering the fact that the router is brand new, how could it possibly be faulty? Configurations are fine and we are all still connected to the wireless router, so now what? Get another router? Nope. My sister called Starhub and guess what they said? They told us that it lies with the router, AGAIN. At that time we were very pissed with what they said, they told us to call Linksys U.S Customer Support, which is toll-free, so we did. The service we received is superb, however, it didn’t work, they then told us to contact our ISP, which is Starhub. So it went on and on, Linksys, Starhub, Linksys, Starhub and Linksys again. We tried to repair it for at least 2-3 hours, but to no avail.

And now? International speed cap? God, 90% of our internet contents are INTERNATIONAL. No wonder I felt the internet slowing down recently.

Shall I convert to Singnet?Hmm..

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  1. in all the years i have been with the ‘green’ company, i have not had much problem at all. when at times, the speed seems to be sluggish, i just switch off the mains, wait 1 or 2 minutes, turn it on again, everything will return to normal. I don’t do this very often as well. Maybe 1 time a month.

    btw, you can try to test your speed.
    try going direct cable to the modem to your PC / notebook, see the speed that you are able to connect.

    then try it via your wireless router. you will most prob see the difference, and this is because of your router. logical deduction right? try it and let us know 🙂

  2. Singnet? erm… while it is still hazy, but may I gently remind you of… ahem *cough* O *cough* DEX

  3. Ahh, that O thingy, worry not, I don’t do a *cough* ne me!*cough*

  4. I am truly dis-satisfied with Starhub too. I have a lot of international sites to surf and my blogs are hosted overseas. When it’s at night and weekends, the surf speed are, oh god, truly *cough* amazing.

  5. Ah, thats why it pays to have a website hosted locally, but the bad thing is that they are expensive. The speed at night are amazing because it’s peak hour, and starhub is not willing to upgrade their servers I guess =X

  6. @ keropokman, hmm, are you on premium or ulti? My speed will always be sluggish at random times, and when you download lots of stuff all at one time, the connection stalls, you can’t surf the net and stuff until the download completes.

    The speed test will most likely be the same, they’ll still name my plan as premium etc, and they download the file from Starhub server itself so it wont be that accurate…

  7. Starhub is so fucking lame:
    “The cap on the downstream speed was introduced to allow for a better distribution of traffic and ensure that all our subscribers enjoy optimal performance from their cable modems. MaxOnline’s upstream limit is well above 56Kbps. Otherwise, a few ”heavy” users could consume a lot more bandwidth at the expense of others.”

    If their servers can’t handle the 12mbps then don’t fucking advertise at that speed.

    They fucking think “heavy” users subscribe 12mbps for fun?

    We didn’t pay for 12mbps to be throttled to 56k. Might as well get a fucking 56k.

    “Optimal Performance” for 12mbps connection is about 0.1mbps? How many subscribers do they think are stupid enough for that shit?

    Fucking ridiculous shit

  8. God, no wonder I felt the internet slowing down like hell these few days, damn starhub

  9. Kelvin, its talking about upstream above 56k, wat has it got to do wif ur advertisement of 12mbps? My Singnet is pissing me off, thinking of switching to M1 or pacnet. Every night disconnect. Power off and on doesn’t help until that fateful period is over.

    MaxOnline – Detailed Technical Questions

    Q. Why is there a cap on the upstream and downstream speeds?
    A. The cap on the downstream speed was introduced to allow for a better distribution of traffic and ensure that all our subscribers enjoy optimal performance from their cable modems.MaxOnline’s upstream limit is well above 56Kbps and is comparable to an ISDN service. This move is consistent with the residential cable modem services offered by many major operators in the world, including AT&T@Home in the US, and NTL in the UK.

    The lower upstream limit of the cable modem is the result of its technological design as an asymmetric connectivity device, not meant to run server-based applications. However, like the provisioning of the cable modem service by other cable operators elsewhere, it is clear that MaxOnline certainly supports residential Internet usage well for end users.The caps are necessary for network operators to ensure that the usage of network will be at a consistent service level for all subscribers. Otherwise, a few ”heavy” users could consume a lot more bandwidth at the expense of others.

  10. I’m with starhub and they’re so pathetic it’s untrue. Can’t believe they can get away with it the criminals. Obviously not enough people are complaining and then taking action (i.e. transferring to another company), what’s wrong with the people.

  11. I just upgraded to ultimate plan, and got server disconnect on most forum and social net work site, they even send an engineer down, and you know what that engineer said, he said, “sorry I can’t solve this problem, I will update my manger about this and asked him to call you.’

    4 days passed no calls, nothing, I feel is like a bloody scam… I was wondering who is the hero that could solve all this problem we starhub subscriber is having…

    Since starhub is a goverment, company, I just feel they just want to suck our hard earn money, that is why i hate Singapore high rank agency that are all scam …..

  12. Trust me …. Singtel is far more worse

  13. The issues with Starhub are pathetic, I have been on the very top plan for over a year. All the issues stated here and more continually affect me. Stale connections, dropouts, I’ve had modem replaced twice, this ones not right either. Customer service is a joke, no callbacks, “techs” who know nothing and care less, techs who I have caught out downright lying.

    The service I get is no better most days than a normal 2mbit dsl connection!

    I have had techs come to the property and say nothings wrong, I pushed the issue they moved the blame to dns routing and so on.

    The upshot is as far as Starhub are concerned if the link light is lit on your modem, thats all the criteria they will accept. If the modem shows link they can wash their hands and say your connection works without fault.

    they are capping international bandwidth, they are oversubscribing the network, they are issuing sub standard and faulty modems, they are writing contracts to alienate customers, they are underfunding infrastructure, they are using cache servers to try to further oversubscribe the network.

    I think starhub spends more time getting their staff to hunt out forums and blogs to masquerade as happy customers bewildered at the “so-called” problems than they do fixing peoples problems. I’ve seen a few places where they have been caught out.

    As for those who have hopes for ftth. The contracts all went to starhub, for management and infrastructure installation, so dont expect any miraculous changes. Also, ftth will do nothing to fix the international links.

    I’m sorry to say it but in Singapore general attitude to customer service and consumer rights is a joke, at an institutional level.

    From talking to others it seems the other isp’s are no better and the choice is pitifully limited, and until something radically changes the Island will continue to be in the Dark ages when it comes to IT.

    I do my work on the internet, and it has never suffered more in productivity than the problems I have experienced since I made the mistake of thinking I could rely on the ISP services here.

    Its time the benevolent dictatorship got their heads out of their asses and stopped trying to fool themselves and the citizens here that the country is an advanced location for IT. Wherever you get these socialist attitudes to government this sort of creaking stupid monopolistic practices always emerge and lead to disaster in the long term.

    Rant over.

  14. Christ, I just paid an arm and a leg to use and, both work like shit cause ShitHub caps all intl traffic. And now I have a 2 year contract. Is there a way around the Intl Cap? I tried diff ports and Https, all are capped to about 50kbps max. The Internet is WORLD WIDE, not just in singapore, how can they say, normal users dont want to stream or download over 50kbps. ARGH

  15. I recently sent a email to Starhub helpdesk complaining about poor performance to Australia sites. I am sure their route to Australia is over subscribed and has very high latency. I was amused by the reply from the helpdesk. See attached. They must think I am a technician that works for them, or they really want me to go to another supplier. Obviously they don’t monitor their own network for latency problems, if they did they would either be able to say they had no problems on the date I complained or provide me with representative figures for performance to Australia.

    Starhub reply

    Thank you fur your email.
    > We wish to better understand the slow access that you are
    > experiencing. Hence, we would appreciate it if you could provide us
    > with the following, as this information will assist our engineers in
    > their investigation:
    > 1. HFC MAC ID (found at the barcode sticker on the cable modem):
    > 2. Cable modem light status :
    > 3. When did the issue start and what time the issue would occur most
    > likely?:
    > 4. Operating system (OS version / Service Pack):
    > 5. Can the issue be resolved when with a direct connection between
    > your PC and the cable modem (bypassing your router)?
    > 6. Please list Firewall, anti-virus, peer-to-peer software running on
    > your PC. (Please include vendor and version) :
    > 7. Have you done any tweaking to the OS Registry:
    > 8. Would you encounter the same issue on a different PC?
    > 9. Please provide the Port number and IP address of the site/server
    > that is having latency :
    > 10. Test account userID and password (if any) :
    > 11. Server admin’s contact number or email address:
    > 12. Java Version (Refer to Utilities.pdf for a guide to verify the
    > Java version) :
    > 13. Please connect your cable modem directly to the computer,
    > bypassing any router when performing the following tests. : 3 x
    > Download speed, ping statistic, traceroute to the website you
    > experienced slow access, pathping, IP configuration detail. (Refer to
    > Utilities.pdf for the guide on how to obtain the information from our
    > website)
    > 14. Date and time of when the results are performed:
    > 15. How long does it take for you to load up the website that you
    > experience slow access with?
    > The following conditions must be fulfilled for an accurate test
    > result:
    > 1. Computer connected directly to cable modem (i.e. bypass the
    > router, if any).
    > 2. No wireless connection.
    > 3. Latest Java plug-in (Download the latest at
    > 4. Use Ethernet connection (UTP 100BaseT) whenever possible.
    > 5. No other Internet software running
    > If you would like us to check the signal levels on-site, please
    > select a time slot from the following and provide us notice of at
    > least 3 days in advance:
    > 11am to 1pm
    > 2pm to 4pm
    > 4pm to 6pm
    > The service call charge of $53.50 will be waived for this instance.
    > If you have any questions on StarHub TV and MaxOnline services,
    > please call us on our Customer Care hotline at 1633 (+65 6820 1633
    > from overseas), email to this address or fax in to 6720 5000.
    > Thank you and we await your reply.

  16. Continue up the fine effort!

  17. Hi Gyver, if you read this, I am a Starhub customer who was put through the exact same experience. Not only was I told to change my router 3 times, but I was also conned into changing my modem as well. This was an overall investment well over 300 dollars in total. My problem was never resolved. I have screenshots of Starhub giving me speeds of between 1-3 mbps constantly. I have been seriously pursuing this matter as I feel it is entirely unfair to customers, and is highly unethical. Starhub is currently waiving all my internet bills, however, I do not believe that this is enough. I am looking for like-minded individuals and am hoping to either put this significantly in the media spotlight, or perhaps, take some more substantial legal action. If you or anyone else feels the same way, please do get in touch, or respond here. Cheers.

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