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Yes, indeed, I’ve gotten the iPod Nano(Black)! I know it’s kinda early, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I got it from the iShop at Cineleisure at S$348. It’s a very good deal as it comes with a freebie. Along with the iPod, it comes with an Audio Techica Stereo Headsets worth around S$50+. The staff there are very very friendly. I went there with my sister and we attempted to repair my old Ipod but the staff said its damage is too bad to exchange it for a new one.

Okay, continuing my review of the new iPod Nano:

Firstly, It’s BLACK.

The same old casing as the old previous iPod nano generations, but it was a little shorter due to the reduced height of the iPod nano. The package inside was exactly the same if I remember correctly. I carefully removed the iPod from the package. Just like the old iPod nano, it was Designed by Apple California.

The package contains :

  • iPod Nano
  • USB Cable
  • Stero Earphones
  • Product Info
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Apple Stickers
  • iPod Dock thingy

The headset provided is most probably the same old one, so I won’t post it up here. However, those who want a good music experience should not rely too much on the stock earphones, the quality is sort of lacking but kinda durable. Maybe a S$60ish Philips will do, but for premium earphones, consider a basic Sennheiser earphone at S$130++.

Here’s the beauty:

The new iPod Nano, is totally different from it’s previous generation, although it’s a little bit longer on its width(2.06 inches), it makes it up with a new 320 x 280 LCD screen. It’s very crisp and clear as it is at least %60 brighter then the older generations. With many new visual effects like Cover Flow, new clocks and 3d games. The click wheel feels a lot better, and center button is more sensitive. The hold switch is now at the bottom instead of the top, with the dock connector and the headphone port still at the bottom. One of the most noticeable difference is that the back of the iPod Nano is now silver, which is kind of a bad thing as it’s a fingerprint magnet, but it does add to the x-factor of the whole iPod itself.

The whole interface is different, with more visual effects like I had stated, they had added the album art to almost every page of the interface:

One of the major new features, Cover Flow, which allows you to browse all the albums available on your iPod via a 3d interface, mine looks pathetic as most of them don’t have album art.

Downloadable games are also added into the new iPod Nano,which is previously impossible.

The 3D games won even my N93!

One of the best feature added, Video Playback. It seems like it only supports MPEG-4 videos from what I know, I’ve tried to add WMV and MKV videos but to no avail, I’ll try out some other formats later. After adding a video to my iTunes, I’ve synced it with my Ipod and it produces pleasant results. Superb video playback.

Image viewing, more pleasurable than ever due to its bigger screen.

The new clock:

So far, the iPod poses no major problems. All my 700++ songs were transfered to my iPod within minutes and play fine. Audio quality is as great as the previous generations. This is indeed a good buy for me, considering a freebie that cost almost 1/4 of the cost. So in conclusion, I give it 8/10.


  • Video Playback
  • 8GB version
  • Cover Flow
  • A whole new Interface


  • The back of the iPod is a fingerprint magnet
  • Still no Itunes Store in Singapore

That concludes my review, hope it isn’t too bad, one of my few reviews.

  1. omg its beautiful!
    ipods are known for its ‘fingerprint magnet’ feature.
    (nice way of putting it, there)

    look out for my review of a made in china portable media player, which packs a punch. Possibly the ipod nano killer?

  2. yeah it’s very very beautiful, it’s love at first sight =X

    But the previous iPod nano doesn’t really have those silver coating behind but they does scratch easily.

    Hmm, made in china portable media player? Not too sure about it, if creative, LG and even microsoft zune can’t even kill the iPod, a china one won’t really pose a real threat, but I’ll check it out 🙂

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  4. hey man. the review is up. 🙂

  5. hey malique, will read!

  6. This is a great review and you’ve succeeded in making me feel bad about my No video Nano. I’ve only had a few months … sigh.

    You got a good deal too- the Apple Store at Wheelock Place doesn’t give freebies and everything is on order basis right now (last Sunday at least).

  7. Thanks, and sorry about that =X

    Maybe you’d like to sell it lest the value drops due to the huge difference of the two generations? I got the new one as my old one was faulty due to some dumb accident.

    And yes, the deal at the iShop is good, the service provided was top-notch. You should check out the shop if you’re an apple fanatic.. And I think they will give away razer earphones when you buy with a dbs card, not very sure if the offer is still on..

  8. anyways just got the new ipod for my birthday gift & the stuff you said about it sounds good to me. =80) loving the video feature on it even though its small just put a dvd movie onto it looks good. how are the games & where can you get games for it?

  9. I feel the the video feature we get in this iPod nano is enough for a good movie experience, given the fact that the iPod do not lack in audio quality and stuff, although you’ll have to hold the iPod pretty near.

    Never tried ripping a dvd movie and transferring it to the iPod though, would take up too much space, leaving few amount of gbs for music. However, watching tv shows like Heroes on it would achieve better err, “value for money” because well, you could squeeze more files into the iPod and delete them when finish an espisode or so.

    Have not tried transferring games into my iPod as I heard you’ll have to go through very complicated process like hacking your firmware, changing the strings and stuff. On the other hand, we couldn’t buy games because Apple is still being so paranoid about “illegal” ripping off of music and videos they won’t bring iShop to Singapore. Well, maybe this led to the increase of illegal music upload, because we don’t have legal sources!

  10. I prefer the ipod nano in green or blue. Seems that the fingerprints don’t show as much. It’s also more unique than the black or white, seems EVERYONE has a black/white one.

    Check out my review of the ipod nano blue and ipod nano green.

  11. great review! Thanks for all the technical and spec info, I had been waiting to buy one and move up from my shuffle and mini.

    Looks like a great and honest review, and now that the price is down some, I’ll get it!

  12. the best product i ever had, easy and very ergonomic.

  13. Thank you for your helpful information I have already have one you guy can buy Olympus Stylus 850sw as well 😀

  14. sorry for wrong info – -”

    Thank you for your helpful information I have already have one you guy can buy Olympus Stylus 850sw as well 😀

  15. sorry again for mis-spelling ==”

    Thank you for your helpful information I have already have one you guy can buy iPod nano as well

  16. Thank You!great review all technology.

  17. just bought a 4GB Nano. nice hardware but..
    I find loading content onto it via iTunes a nightmare. “Synching” it’s sooo annoying.
    And with photos..My 65mb of 1000 tiny lolcatz pics took up a HUGE amount of space after syncin’ them. turns them into 600-700mb. ridiculous.
    I really do hate iTunes – synching concept, and if i knew this before i bought it I woulda got something that wasn’t so totally annoying. Loading your mp3 player suddenly becomes a job.
    (day 2 of owning.. opinion may vary in the near future…as 3rd party software develops)

  18. hey guy smiley, since when did syncronizing turns it into a job? the synchronization is one of the smoothest and efficient I’ve seen so far, a cd takes less than 30 seconds to be transferred into the iPod. I believe you can change the pictures settings.

  19. I love my Ipod Nano. I loaded all of our music CD’s into it and I bought a FM charger transmitter to connect to my car radio and my home stereo system. I bought some music on the web and I am going to check out the library for more music to load into it. It holds 2000 songs. It is amazing that this tiny device holds so much music (and movies/videos too). I sit around Borders and listen to music, drink coffee and read magazines. I think I will buy ipod nano for my son’s birthday.

  20. Thank You!great review all technology.

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  23. i would love to watch dvd movies all day and all night long`.,

  24. everyone likes to watch dvd movies, i watch at least 4 dvd movies a day -”

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    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve added you guys
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