Putting stupid words onto ACRONYMS, those retards.

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Have you ever heard of people calling PAP as Pay and Pay? NTUC as Until You Si(Die in Hokkien)?PUB as Pay Until Bankrupt?

Those who think of names like this ought to be shot dead immediately. Where’s the respect for those who think of those acronyms? If they didn’t think of acronyms, you would then have to say the whole name out itself. Let’s just say Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation don’t have acronyms, would you want to say the whole sentence out when you speak to others? Moreover, those retarded-sounding-acronyms-made-by-retards are made by those who are unhappy about the service itself, for example, super poor people who think they pay too much to PAP, they gave them names like pay and pay, too pathetic to pay the bank, they call OUB, Owe Until Bankrupt.

Not to mention names as well. Recently, there’s a new development at Beach Road, the previous article I had posted, that new eco friendly building? It was believed to be named South Beach. We have people at the forum calling it “Soft Bitch” and quite a few people complaining that the name is not good enough. Another project which had received flak from morons which is the new 56-storey condominium at Orchard Turn, where its mall will be named ION Orchard, they thought up of names like:

  • Idiots Own Nation.
  • Its Opposite Nooch
  • It’s Orchard’s Newby
  • Internationalising Orchard’s Notoriety
  • Eye On Orchard
  • I On Orchard
  • Sounds like energy company name.

When we tell them think of good names they took ages to think of one, when don’t want them to think of any, they can instantly name silly names like this. As mentioned earlier, respect the developers, what they want to name their building/company is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Even if it sounds bad, it’s what they want, you can’t do anything about it. So, stop giving stupid names to these companies/ buildings. If you can perhaps start or create a company or building like them, then perhaps you are entitled to naming your property stupid names, other than that, just shut the hell up 🙂

  1. LAME lar …

  2. Haha… actually, regarding the ION Orchard, you should look at some of their ads. It’s grammatically wrong and they seem to like it. So, I on Orchard is, theoretically, right in their eyes.

  3. hmm, didn’t really pass by orchard these few days but ION Orchard doesn’t sound that bad if you really say it out..

  4. Another Excellent blog post, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my Digg account. Have a great evening.

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