Friendster, an online paradise?

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Friendster, it had become one of the most common household name in a period of only a few years due to the booming internet activity we’re experiencing. I guess I’m one of the first few hundred members to try this service, I was almost alone in the dark until some of my classmates joined it. It was quite a normal service, we exchanged “testimonials” which are now known as “comments“, created a profile so others will be able to view you. Before the boom, it was boring, I was wondering why I even joined it, it was time wasting as people use it as a portal to find boyfriends and girlfriends, which is considered moronic, they considered it “The Portal Of Love”.

It was bad enough, after the boom occured, thousands and thousands of new members joined. It was so over-crowded that Friendster have to upgrade their servers due to the huge traffic they are encountering, and their old servers are unable to take the load, hence, users will experience laggy surfing experience. I too was put off by it, but at that time I have new friends using Friendster so we “chatted” via the testimonial thingy. Thinking back, I can’t help but to think how stupid it was. At that time, the number of testimonials you have is a gauge of how “popular” you are, so people kept giving each other testimonials, thousands of them, just by chatting via testimonials. I don’t know which retarded freak started it but it was dumb. The whole Friendster culture have been completely changed. People then use Friendster to search for strangers online, clicking on their profile whenever they find a person looking good and making fun of them if they look bad. So it’s now uploading a good picture of yourself online and pray people look at your profile. If people look at your profile, grab that chance and add them. God, this so F%*@ing dumb.

This is what today’s era of the Friendster community is doing. Take disgusting act-cute pictures and upload online, this is for the girls. Then, the boys? Take whatever photos they have taken, be it act-cool self-portraits and photos friends have taken of them(which they considered cool because they think people will think they look cool even if they didn’t look into the camera?). Every single picture of them will be uploaded online, how stupid is that?

Today, we have people whining why that bitch/bastard left them. People that had made their virtual friend online their “life partner”, then broke up due to age differences, character differences etc. Repeat the whole process again and we have a new FriendsteRetard.

Talking about online relationships, I’ve come across an issue which is considered quite a threat. This actually concerns my brother. Due to Friendster, a b1tchy girl named Maiene Ong(distorted to hide identity) actually proposed to be his girlfriend online a few years ago, and my Brother’s foolishness actually made him accept it. And their relationship is never smooth sailing, many quarrels due to that bit$h’s bit#hy attitude. She wants everything to be her way, then one day, that one day, when both of them could take it no more, my Brother decided to break up with her. But guess what? She threatened to commit suicide. A very real threat indeed. Well, of course my mum and sister hate this bit3h, my Mum told my brother to give her another chance. So he gave her another chance, which I consider idiotic. A few days later? That bit@h initiated a breakup, almost immediately. My brother didn’t feel anything, didn’t cry or whatsoever. However, that bit(h actually found 2 choices of boyfriends, which she then send my brother the message: ” Who want me, you or him”. Just replace the you and him with a name and you’ll find that it sounds like prostitute. Eventually her new relationship didn’t make it then she then flirted with my Brother and they’re back into one again. Now, my Brother’s trapped in a never-ending relationship where he gives her all the chances, and that girl is now threating him like a puppet, threatening to cry whenever she can’t get anything he wants. And my brother still “loves” her, a f@$king moron indeed.

So tell me, is Friendster an online paradise or just another world filled with disgusting people? I believe it’s the latter.

DISCLAIMER:This article is written in a sense that it might resemble a real life event that might happen in any time and any location in this world, any occurrences that users might be able to relate to is purely coincidental and accidental. Names used are purely random and are not intended to relate to any living human being living in Planet Earth(perhaps it will but, it’s random 🙂 )

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  2. Friendster is indeed a paradise for young generation , they Use Friendster to make friends and almost every south east asian use it

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