Internet Addiction

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I have been wondering for a long time why the hell I can manage to stay in front of the computer for hours in the absence of games? Games, which is my previous past-time, have been long dead. But now, with the rapid increase of the amount of content in the internet, the amount of things you can do online is infinite.

We have Google, Yahoo, flickr, WordPress and Youtube. These Five are portals to a gigantic world of information. Want info? Google or yahoo it. Want entertainment? Youtube it. Have a craving of speaking it out? Log in to . Love photography? Surf Flickr.

Basically for me, I can’t live without Google, virtually that is. With Firefox, which comes with the top right Google search bar, getting info on anything you want can be a matter of seconds. I want pictures of 2009 BMW 7 Series! Poof! Spyshots of the 2009 BMW 7 series. I want to find a song I heard on the radio, poof! There you go again. Hmm, how about something more academic, err, I want some information on Management! Poof, there you go, AGAIN! I just can’t believe how convenient Google was. I used to spell Google as Goggle and got into a kiddy website. I guess Google did indeed came a long long way. Now it’s the biggest search engine on the internet and now they’re creating a new Google phone, which was quite unexpected. And not to mention they bought over Youtube, also a must-do thing on the web.

Talking about Youtube, it’s so figgin popular! I remember the first time I visited Youtube was when I want music videos of a certain song. Now, I visit it for most of my entertainment needs, MTVs are swarming all over, funny videos like the Wine Kone, TV Advertisements and even movies! It’s the “IN” thing nowadays. It is also a good tool to “Broadcast Yourself”. There has been many people posting videos they had made themselves on the net. One good example is The Wine Kone, the funniest person on Youtube, well at least for me. Though he’s retarded and stupid, that’s what made his videos so addictive, though I have to agree that he’s very good in creating videos, the smart way. However, I really have no idea why I kept watching those videos. They are in no way BENEFICIAL to me, my future or whatsoever. Some people feel they are lame and stupid but, the addiction is there, you just gotta watch it! Not to mention they are very harmful in ways such as:

  • They are VERY time consuming(including loading times, a 10 min video takes 20min to load thanks to Starhub).
  • They make you PROCRASTINATE.
  • They cost you LOTS of opportunity cost(omg economics).
  • They are addictive!

Alright, now going on to Yahoo-Flickr.

Ever since I took up Photography after my Father bought me a Nikon D-80, 50% of my time online was dedicated to Flickr. That bloody Flickr Photo-sharing community is so friendly and encouraging that I visit it at least once very 10 minutes. The features of Flickr such as desktop uploading(which means you can download a tool to download into your computer which allows you to upload directly to your Flickr account), user groups, comments section and email alerts. You are able to add contacts(similar to MSN contacts) and if they add you back, they will receive an email whenever you upload one or a batch of pictures(you can disable this feature if you are afraid of spam or set the timing to once per day) and are able to see these pictures on their dashboard. Most of the contacts will give constructive comments if your picture’s good or bad. So far I’ve received many comments on my pictures and known quite a number of locals. Their comments are what I look forward to every time I log onto my Flickr account. So to any photographers out there, be sure to create an account there and contribute to the Flickr Photopool!

Last but not least, WORDPRESS.COM.

Seriously nothing much to talk about it, blogging have been another “IN” thing for a long time already. As most of my old friends and readers might know, my old blog hosting was blogger. I “converted” to WordPress because Marcus was using it and it was very tempting to use the features Marcus have such as:

  • Integrated Stats Tracking
  • Automatic Insertion of Links onto the main page, Blogroll
  • Highly customizable sidebar(widgets) and top banner, all provided with user friendly features.
  • Professional Look
  • Dozens of themes to choose from
  • Superb writing capabilities including passwords, page break, 50mb upload space etc.
  • Comments Moderating
  • Many, Many more, which are still unexplored

Overall, my experiences with WordPress is the most pleasant so far. Although blogger allow external tracking of blog stats and customizable HTML templates, it loses to wordpress for its user-friendliness and simplicity. WordPress is considered addictive because all your entries looks so damn great on the main page and the stats system allows you to track your blog’s performance. You just feel weird without a blog, because, Everyone’s Doing It.

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