Just can’t get enough of it

In Daily Life, driving, honda, instructors, ssdc on September 6, 2007 at 12:09 am

Sorry Marcus but I just got to blog about driving!

It’s just too, err, tempting!

After a few weeks of driving at SSDC(Singapore Safety Driving Center), I must say I had a great time there. Especially with my fixed instructor, Low Soon Guan( 5633 )( Marcus you should have him as your first instructor as well!). He’s lenient but at the same time teaches me the right techniques of driving. Conversations of computer stuff with him was fun, although he’s a bit computerilliterate. However, these few days of driving was with other instructors, as he had gone to Bangkok for a 4-day holiday via a budget airline at only $1! Which was jaw-dropping! Couldn’t believe it as first but he told me as it wasn’t the holiday season so the insane price might be due to this.

The instructors I had yesterday was a bit err, “un-fun”. As usual, pointed out minor mistakes like hell. I was hit by the “old car” disease, driving an old Honda Civic Exi, it was in a state of despair. The accelerator was uber soft, the clutch’s biting point was high high up, and not to mention, a loose steering wheel( as in very sensitive). The result? A very bad driving experience. The instructor told me a thousand of times that I was driving too near to the curb. Was kind of irritating as it wasn’t purely my fault, the alignment of the steering wheel might have gone haywire, this happened the last time I drove the Honda Civic as well.

But today, I drove the Honda City, thank god! And today’s instructor told me that I’ll be driving this for the rest of my lessons as the test will be based on the new car. Today’s instructor wasn’t that bad, just that he kept his mouth shut for quite a high percentage of the 120min session. He also mumbled some songs. Nevertheless, he’s quite a good instructor as he taught me many things, unlike the previous one.

Today’s driving was a breeze, no major mistakes except for a minor one which is turning right a bit too quickly. Other than that, it’s just normal driving, without any restrictions!(except for the 70km/h speed limit.) I seriously can’t wait to get a license, what car I’ll drive after that is a mystery but it’s damn exciting for sure!


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