Conservation VS Demolition

In Daily Life, debate, demolition, singapore on August 24, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Who wins?

You know? Some people are so keen in conserving those old ugly buildings they send a letter to the government. When the government accepts it, guess what happen? It will be entered into the “Conserved” list, which means, no one can touch that plot of land, no redevelopment, no nothing.

Or you can see it from another angle, which is ” You want conserve arh? K lor, just leave that old, dirty, ugly building there. But don’t touch hor, don’t even bother to clean it, the stain too strong already. I also dunno why those people want to write stupid letters to ask us conserve, but if we don’t conserve later kena like Hong Kong like that, on news headline : Hong Kong tries to save a bit of its storied past. ”

One big plot of land conserved = One big plot of land wasted.

From Skyscrapercity forum, I see people sending letters to government to conserve those old Bungalows or landed property, those pre-war structures built by the British. What extra benefits do we gain just by conserving these old houses? Saving our old past? Does it help? Just leave it in History books damn it! The opportunity cost is much, much, much greater. We could have built a new condominium on it, we could have built a high rise office building or we might be able to turn it to a park. But those “conservative” people just want to keep spamming the government with letters. I think some examples of these buildings are the Pearl Bank apartments and another one I’ve forgotten, a slopped mixed-development near kallang.

Of course I understand Singapore have many grand BUT nice looking structures, like the City Hall, Fullerton and Chinatown area. Those are appropriate. The City Hall looks grand and looks even better after upgrading it and use it to house government offices. China town was very vibrant after repainting the facade etc. Fullerton was converted to a hotel. These are practical.


These are the true old beauties.

China Town

China Town


Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Hotel



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