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In Miscellaneous on August 23, 2007 at 10:44 pm


They can change the meaning of a sentence.

Without them, they can be quite misleading if you’d ask me.

Let’s just say you’d love to invite someone out for dinner on msn.

You: Shall we have dinner at Long John?

Him/her: Ok.

Doesn’t sound very excited eh? Sounds like he/she’s very reluctant or doesn’t really feel like going dinner with you. However, just adding a small 🙂 behind does make a big difference, at least it won’t get you thinking.

Given that people communicate digitally via MSN and Smses, the emotions of both party is sort of”hidden”behind those words. One might be excited but it is impossible to tell just through the written message. I know, you guys will think of words like “haha“, “lol” or “rofl” etc. But these words can’t convey the message well. “Ha Ha” sounds a bit sacarstic and “Lol” sounds quite..err, fake.

So, guys, use smilies! 🙂

  1. OMG! that is sooo HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH …. =)

  2. That’s more like it!

  3. meet up soon gyver =D

  4. Yeah!

    You all holiday liao? :0

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