You’re my new addiction.

In Daily Life, economics, lame msn personal messages, msn, the simpsons on August 22, 2007 at 3:16 pm

Sounds familiar?

It’s just all those old and lame personal messages you see on msn.

What’s so great about typing stuff like this on msn, like anyone cares?

Shall talk about MSN soon enough.

Today’s topic is…


I am totally caught by surprise after watching The Simpsons movie. Totally hilarious, jokes are smartly conveyed and the irony of some parts, best cartoon I’ve ever watched. And now? I’m addicted to their TV Series. Econs test is tomorrow and I’m still watching episodes of season 1.

Regarding the test, I guess I’ll chiong tonight for the very last time, then it’s HOLIDAY!

Can’t wait for it seriously!

Anyway, check out the small video clip below, great as hell, it’s from The Simpsons movie.

  1. Yes .. Please blog more about this kind of topic .. And stop the “Driving post” .. IT MAKE ME FEEL SO SAD THAT I HAVEN’T START …

  2. What the..

    Aiya, don’t worry lah, you can start to book for basic theory liao..

  3. never say earlier

  4. lol, I thought I told you before?

  5. No ./.. I ask you check but no result mah!

  6. Heard 17 1/2 can book theory liao

  7. … Okay I will go see see!

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