The clutch is mine.

In Daily Life on August 22, 2007 at 2:05 am

Indeed, I’ve mastered the clutch already, thanks to my driving instructor I had today, but sadly, I can’t fix that instructor for all my other lessons as he only teaches auto. Other than that, I’ve encountered something very weird today.

Actually, I had an instructor I don’t really like, he sort of shot me with many things like this is wrong that is wrong and got all my co-ordination all wrong. However, he pointed out all my mistakes, my steering procedure and me not checking blind spots. The worst part was when he brought me to a slope to practice starting off on a slope, I wasn’t familiar with the biting point of the car, so I assumed I had hit the boiling point hence, released the brake. My car rolled down a little, he was frustrated, it went on for a few times and he sort of couldn’t take it and blow a few words at me. And this I hated him.

So this evening, I sort of hope not to be assigned car no. 20 again, whom was assigned to the instructor I had previously mentioned. It came true, another instructor took over. He was great, taught me a thing or two. So, I drove around the circuit normally. Then, I saw an ambulance. The instructor thought it was some student being involved in an accident. I thought so as well. So, The instructor told me he will only be here for a few minutes, another instructor will take over him.

The new instructor came, and he was a great instructor as well. While being stationary at the fuel station, I asked him what had happened to the instructor I had yesterday. He told me he was sent to the hospital due to some heart problems. I was totally stunned. I couldn’t believe it. It was so coincidental.

At the end of today’s lesson, I feel damn guilty. Today’s performance was partly due to his effort. I steer correctly due to his reminders and move off on a slope due to his constant scoldings.

Lets hope he gets well soon, I won’t feel so good if anything serious happens to him.

It’s just too coincident. Life’s so unpredictable.


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