In Daily Life on August 16, 2007 at 4:53 pm

It’s not easy

Nor is it difficult.

It’s just, GREAT.

However, I just hate the clutch. Where you will have to depress it whenever you want to move off, brake and change gear. I am not so used to the clutch yet, however, I believe I will, anyway it’s just the second lesson.

My instructors are okay so far, kinda friendly, but a little bit irritated whenever I do something wrong after they stress it many times, yes, again, the bloody clutch.

Seriously, I can’t wait to try auto transmission cars, it’s just the pedal, the foot brake and you. I would have gotten Auto if not for the higher amount of time you have to wait to practice the cars.

Oh well, today’s the third lesson, another 20-21 lessons to go before the test.

Wish me luck!

First car I’ve ever driven!

First car


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