Is it really neccessary, for now?

In Daily Life on August 14, 2007 at 9:46 am

Nokia N93, with DVD-like video capturing is one of the clearest in the world, coupled with a huge LCD screen and Carl Zeiss,it ensures high quality images.

Sounds skeptical.

And wow, it sure look stylish with its turning mechanism! Hell no. The turning mechanism is filled with dust inside, and feeling damn loose already. I was told by the salesman that it won’t turn loose at all, but it has only been at least err, 9 months? Nice quality control, Nokia!

Going on to the software side, the N93’s processor is like a bloody snail trying to cross across an expressway. It just won’t move. Install a few applications and symptoms of old age started to appear. You can’t set full screen wallpapers without changing the whole theme. Ringtones get corrupted after changing the memory card for a few minutes. The worst thing is, you can only take BLACK and WHITE pictures at night, a bloody firmware error, which was known to Nokia since April and still unable to fix it. Turning the screen horizontally takes 2-3 secs to start the camera, by then, a good photographic opportunity is gone.

Just disappointment. I thought Nokia would change after 1-2 years, it didn’t, it became worst!

Part Two.
I’m just a teenager with fewer friends than I previously had and with a character that do not have a high “sms culture”. I just receive one or two calls a day from my family members, and I can survive for weeks without a single sms, cool eh? But I have a phone for 3G Video Calling, Instant-send SMS and 500 free sms monthy.

Do I really need a phone? Is having MSN messenger enough for me? Or I’ll just off MSN Messenger so that people will contact me via phone?

Or I just need a walkie talkie to let my family members know of my whereabouts?

Wait, don’t talk about myself just yet, the thousands and millions of kids out there do have a Handphone too, just like what I said just now, is it really neccessary? What do these kids use these handphones for? Love tools? Gaming machines? I think Love tools works well for them, you know? All those disgusting mushy smses floating around the island? Small boys wooing big girls? Sounds familiar? Will do another post update in the future regarding this.


  1. hello, this is Am from Flickr
    I agree re nokia getting worse 😛
    my mobile phone’s on/off button just popped out when i switched my phone on yesterday. And i’ve never even dropped the phone before and it’s still relatively new. hmph

  2. Wow am, that sucks =X

    What model is it?

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