National Day Parade 2007..

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9/8/07 Best day ever! It’s National Day!

The day where..The young..

The Tourists..

The newscasters

The workers

All come together to.. SINGAPORE’S MARINA BAY!

To celebrate NDP!

The dragon boats are here!

The coast guards are here to protect..

The stars are here as well..

The cranes salute!

The crowds are here to stay..

The state flag came and pass us by..

The parachutists arrived
Lined up

Painted the skies!

Jets roars by..

The F-16 jets kept coming!!

The navy arrives!

Did some stunts..

Followed by the Chinooks

It got darker..

I smelt smoke! It was ORQ!

We were invaded by the giant jelly fishes!

One got so close to us!

Thank god these fireworks were set off, they repelled the jellyfishes..

Before we even knew it, it was night!

The jelly fished were gone…

The atmosphere was fantastic..

Then the jelly fishes appeared again!

Huge fireworks appeared

More fireworks!

And even more!


Everything was in a mist..


Bid goodbye to Marina Bay

And to Raffles Place..

And went home!

My pictures were not watermarked coz its NDP! So feel free to use them as wallpapers or distribute around, show the world how beautiful Singapore is!!

For my full album please visit my NDP 2007 Album @

  1. nice pics.. but ur fireworks abit overexposed leh. what settings u use?

  2. Thanks, 2 secs shutter 5.6 aperture..

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