In Rants on August 8, 2007 at 12:34 am

Just a little rant about smokers, and why they suck.

Actually, I don’t mean ALL of them, this post is aimed particularly at teenage smokers, farked(not a vulgarity :P) up and disgusting.

From what I learn in secondary school, smokers smoke for these reasons:

  • They think it will make them look cool.
  • They are influenced by loser friends.
  • They believe smoking give them “energy” and make themselves feel relaxed.


I just don’t agree on any of the points mentioned above. I’ll tell you why.

Point 1, makes them looks cool?

Hell no. Most T-smoker(teen smoker for short) looks like shit, and do people that look like shit look cool? Long untamed hair, gold in color and the act-cool look all contribute to their shitty look and posture. I see them almost everyday. Be it walking to school or out of school to the bus-stop. Different gangs populate different areas, some at the taxi stands, some at the bus stops and some outside the school gate. I have a particular hatred for those sitting on the taxi-stand and smoke, you know why? They just sat there for the sake of smoking, what about people who want to flag a cab? Darn, these guys are not worth paying our taxes for. These T-smoker losers actually want us to inhale their shit? Then reducing our lifespan? Irritating and frustrating at the same time. It’s daily routine, we actually have to walk a maze while making our way to the school, avoiding these losers.

Damn, another reason to get a car FAST! I’ll then stop my car beside them, handbrake, and hit the accelerator!! I’d shout “INHALE MY RUBBER, LOSERS”

Point two, being influenced by loser friends. I mean why? Why learn the bad points(maybe their friends don’t even have good points at all?)? Being stupid is bad enough, to be converted to a loser is worse. And with those massive campaign showing how harmful smoking is, they still persist. Well, suck those harmful sh1t to hell, no one really cares, just don’t give other the chance of accidentally sucking them in. Reminds me of Spiderman, With great POWER comes with great responsibility, well smoking give them the power to disgust, right? To the T-smokers out there, be responsible!

Point No. 3, seriously, nothing to talk about. Just stupid, smoking kills you, period.

This post will be updated with a picture soon enough! Cya!

Oh another thing, one smoker really stinks like hell, well to my classmates, YOU KNOW WHO! Eating mint sweets made the stench smell worse, well, mix sh1t and Listerine, that’s the result(I know it’s disgusting)


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