A Self-organized Excursion

In Daily Life on August 6, 2007 at 10:00 pm

And the venue is? Marina Bay!

One big advantage of a self-organized excursion is that, you don’t have to sign irritating indemnity forms. Moreover, you’re free to go anywhere you want, no time limit, no restrictions, no nothing!

However, I wasted half of the total of 6 hours during the trip after losing one of my two SD cards I had. I’m feeling very, very guilty right now as the SD card contained a photo of a couple from India, which I had promised to send them via email. But now, after losing the SD card, how am I going to retrieve the photos? They even gave me a piece of chocolate! That made me tfelt worse! How?!

Anyway, to elaborate a little on the trip, I started off at Clarke Quay. Took hundreds of photo while I made my way from Clarke Quay, to Raffles Place, followed by Esplanade then to The Singapore Flyer! As I had stated earlier, I lost my SD card, which means, I only have the pictures I took on The Singapore Flyer, the rest are gone forever, pretty sad indeed. But, I will post pictures on PictPost soon, so stay tuned!


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