Body Clock

In Daily Life on August 5, 2007 at 11:59 am

12.40 am, that’s considered quite an inappropriate time for an 18-year old guy to blog, but hell, my “Body Clock” is kinda screwed up.

Quite a vague term to me, didn’t really study much about it.

However, what I know is that the body clock is directly related to what time you wake up and sleep daily. Well, for me, I don’t really have a fixed time for sleeping at night, and even worse, in the morning(that explains my absence in the first 10-20 minutes of lectures and tutorials).

Okay, this is going to sound pretty stupid but its true, I need at least 1-2hours of grace time on the bed before I am able to sleep, if I decide to sleep between 10-12pm that is. It’s just that my mind can’t stop thinking of stuff(not THOSE stuff), stuff like my daily life, school, future etc. Or it’s just that my mind’s too active, might be a good thing.

So don’t blame me for my unpunctuality in arriving in school, I didn’t want it to happen either, just that my body clock doesn’t want to go to school that early.



Eight, yes, EIGHT WEEKS of break. I’ll be dedicating my time to SSDC(Singapore Safety Driving Center), I just need to get my license fast. Going school by MRT or Bus is getting more stressful every single trip I take. The crowd, the burden(my DC bag), the limited amount of space, not a good experience at all.

Ok, this post is getting boring, perhaps my mind’s getting damn tired already.

ITAB Exam, here I come!

By the way, check out my Flickr gallery, posted lots of new pictures, will update Pictpost tomorrow!

  1. Hey ya, long time no see eh Gyver? How are yeh Mr Clouds :D?
    Haven’t seen you around since we left sec school,you seem to be getting along nice and well with poly life i suppose. Good luck with your exams and your driving exam too.

  2. Hey BEN TOH!

    Long time no see, Mr Fierce! lol jkjk

    Would love some delifracing with you sometime man, I missed those times. I did tag you a couple of times before but sadly they can’t really accept it and display it on your tag board. Poly life’s kinda mixed, average for now, what about yours? And thanks for luck!

  3. hey..i like the pics u took!!!..espacially the fireworks!…haha..damm nice!…i even saved the pic..LOL

  4. hey thanks!!

    and yeah, feel free to take any of the pics from flickr, if you those without the watermarks msn me!

  5. Good that you know your watermarks ARE PAIN IN THE ASS TO people like me!

  6. Sad sad..

    I just don’t want people to use it as their own :'(*cries*

  7. … The whole world knows that IT ISN’T MY PICTURE FOR SURE… And I am so kind to give credits when it is due…

  8. The whole world won’t know this picture belongs to me!

  9. Did I say I will give credit?
    Do you need a contract with me?
    Perhaps like two years contract that ALL MY PICTURE will come from you? Or maybe not all …

  10. We did sign one in the past eh?

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