A day of ups and downs

In Daily Life on July 23, 2007 at 10:56 pm

We started out having lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Suntec, a buffet restaurant. Though very expensive, it was filling, very filling. Well, that’s the case for me, I just ate five pieces of Teriyaki Chicken, three Prawns, one Egg sushi and a few other type of sushi which was I don’t really know. The food taste superb, even the drinks! The drinks there were free flow, coke with float, root beer, you name it.

My sis, Marcus and Mabel just can’t get enough of it. They intend to stay for another few hours, which is a bit too long for me since I am already too full. Fortunately they didn’t, we then met Joey as he had tuition and was unable to meet us earlier.

We went on to Sim Lim Square to check if the Tripod Chia Qing gave me does have spare parts available. Sadly, it was too old, no luck. We then went to Cathay photos to find a the spare part, but sadly, out of stock as well. So we bought a new head instead.

Manfrotto, pretty cool indeed.


We then proceeded to Marina Square, booked a seat at the food court, and snap away!

Check out the pictures on picpost, will be uploaded at 12 or later!

Cya!(sorry for not elaborating much, pretty tired now)


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