In Daily Life on July 20, 2007 at 11:59 pm

After a routine disturbance of beauty sleep by my maid, my head was in a state of despair.

My nose was chocked with Mu*us, demolitions were going on in my brain and there was a severe lack of energy. I knew going school wasn’t ideal.

Eventually I remained at home.

The good thing was:

  • No two-hour commute
  • No Sharnili
  • No Motherly Love(Economics)
  • No UNCLE LAI(Itab)

So I continued sleeping until 10, and was greeted with a Big Breakfast, thanks to Dad.

After breakfast, I realized I don’t really have an MC, which will make my attendance 0. I decided to visit a clinic but my family clinic is so far away in Bishan. My father was working and my sister studying, and what can I do? Maybe a letter would do.

I continued my much needed-sleep till 11 or 12, chatted a while, some photography then my flu started again, so I went back to sleep. Yes I know, such a boring post as it’s all ROUTINE. I can’t believe I slept for another 3-4 hours more, a serious waste of time. But fortunately, I got much, much better, although the danger of flu is still imminent. Opening my laptop screen and I found a few flashing boxes at the taskbar. One was Lionel reminding me about the tickets, one by one of my ex-clan mate while one huge conversation of my class. It was Eunice saying hi to the class from Australia, sadly, I don’t have the chance to say anything, so a big Hi to her if she did actually read my blog. Then there was one nice classmate wishing me get well soon, thanks for that. Back to Lionel, we had an appointment at Orchard Cineleisure. Will elaborate on the next update.


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