Time to get serious, the fun way.

In Daily Life on July 19, 2007 at 11:59 pm

OK, this is going to one of a hell of a long update, so I’ll update it in three different parts, here goes:

It was surprisingly a fun day, as Thursdays are usually boring, the day always started with Sharnili(or Sharlini I’m not really sure but heck it) teaching POA at a very, very slow pace. That gave our day a slow start, which wasn’t what we are expecting. Kenneth and Adam came late, almost 30 minutes late, Rebecca was sick , so Amber was like sitting there alone when I came in. The situation was pathetic at that moment, three empty seats but the lecture went on nevertheless. I was exhausted after running all the way up the hill, as always. 30 minutes later, the other two arrived and then we started chatting like hell, and no, Sharmili didn’t give a “Please keep your volume down” thingy.

Our hysterical laughter didn’t manage to dent Sharnili’s teaching spirit, so we went on and on, time really flies when we concentrated on something rather than concentrating on Sharnili. The instant the lecture ends, we flew off like flocks of birds. We then decided on paying a sick friend of ours a visit.

Our visit got a little bit more serious then we expected, our spirit was high, as there was a scheduled POA test afterwards, our instant-made study group then had only one goal, to score well for POA. It’s not only high, it’s very high. We shared tactics, strategize and explored new ways of dealing with the matter, it’s MOB coming to life. Low machiavellianism, Team Mangement (9,9) management styles, cross-functional team, you name it! It was a great experience as everyone was serious at work. Unfortunately, I had flu, which was my BANE of the day. My mood then slumped downwards, productivity was at 50% and my mood was crappy. Never-the-less, great experience. This study group will stay.

I won’t mention P.O.A anymore.(If anyone had said not to mention about anything, which means it’s something dissapointing, sooo, yeah, same situation)

Adam, Kenneth and I then went home by Taxi, we were forced to. Bus 74 was full like hell, it was like those trains filled with Indians you see in TV or movies, yes, not to exaggerate but the situation was that bad. Two or three buses hit with this situation passed us by, we walked to the main bus-stop and it was ALMOST the same situation but this time, it’s like Uncles and Aunties waiting to rush in a newly opened One Dollar Home Furniture Store. Hundreds of them, yes.

So we’re only left with an option, Taxi. Thank god the taxi driver agreed to let us in although he was changing shift.

My day ended sleeping damn early due to headache and heavy flu.

Written on 21 July 2007


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