In decepticons, movie, Reviews, robots, transformers on July 18, 2007 at 4:58 pm

Arguably the best movie I’ve ever watched, serious.

The Transformers was so great that I actually err, watched it TWICE.The movie is generally about two races of Alien Robots waging war on each other.They came to earth in search of AllSpark, an energy source for their home planet, Cybertron. The alien robots are divided into two races, the Autobots and the Decepticons. The AutoBots being peace-loving in nature, wanted to destroy the AllSpark so as not to allow the Decepticons to have a hand of it, where the Decepticons would then be able to use the energy in the AllSpark to convert all humans on earth into a huge army. The movie started with Sam Witwicky buying an old Camaro which was disguised as an alien robot, which was known as Bumble Bee.

The movie consists of many exciting and tight moments. One of my favourite parts of the movie was the attack on a US military base in Qatar. Blackout(MH-23) landed on the base, with hundreds of soldiers pointing their gun at it, requesting the pilot to disembark. The MH-23 then had its rotor blades elevated, folded up into one. The cockpit splits into half while its the rest of the main main body opened up, arms and legs appeared. While the soldiers opened fire, the bullets were repelled by its bullet-proof body. The head was then finally revealled. It fired its main weapons, killing anything on its way. It then caused a sonic-boom like explosion around itself. Tanks were flying everywhere. It was an exciting scene, the effects were superb, looking very crisp and clear, the robots looks ultra-realistic. Watching the movie itself makes me feel like I am actually in the war zone.

Unfortunately, time passes very quickly, the movie ended. At that moment, I told myself I had to watch this movie again, no matter the costs! I will definitely buy the DVD, or even the Bluray version of it after getting a PS3.

Crap, blogging about it makes me want to watch it another time, should I?

  1. This show is so long gone can!!! You just want to gain views!!!!

  2. Transformers is still showing in cinema now lah..

    You’re not wrong about wanting to gain views but I had intended to do one review about transformers long ago, just that, it doesn’t look good on my old blog =X

  3. What the HELL! I mean it is WORDPRESS lar…

    Ha Ha ….


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