Grphy’s Dairy Part 1

In Stories on July 16, 2007 at 10:13 pm

NOW, It’s just you and me(oops, I mean, you, that faggy and me)

It’s just weird to see how the story evolves. This time the story continues in a major twist. Here goes. Darn, the story twists that much, creating so much excitement that I feel like writing one myself, should I? Hmm, let’s try.

DISCLAIMER:This story is written in a sense that it might resemble a real life event that might happen in any time and any location in this world, any occurrences that users might be able to relate to is purely coincidental and accidental. Names used are purely random and are not intended to relate to any living human being living in Planet Earth.

Grphy’s Humble Dairy
Entry Dated 20/7/08

Oh my god! School ends at 5pm today, AGAIN! This is what my life is about, being a student at Singola Polytechnic(SP) is not that easy after all. I am Gryphus, people call me Gryphy, a full-time student in Busyness Administration, DBA 007! I’ve been in SP for at least 4 months already, it’s been quite a breeze so far. I’ve made quite a number of good friends in my class,they’re fun, enjoyable, smart and trustworthy. The rest of my classmates are no different, fun and active! Though there are some black sheep, perhaps one or two to be exact. There is no one perfect class you can find in the world, so I’ll just take the fact that I have one or two retarded classmate(s).

I used to think of that in the past, however, the fact is that, turning a blind eye to them is never a good idea. Since Polytechnic life is all about Teamwork, right? I’ve been lucky in one area, unlucky in another. This aspect alone is very important, who you mix with and hang out with does measure up to the final gauge of enjoyment in SP. My god, I’ve been elaborating about my school life so much that I’ve forgotten I am actually writing a story. Sorry for that, let’s continue.

It’s 14/7/08, it’s a weekend, which I’ve been looking forward to it every single second! Ever since Polytechnic started, stress level have been going straight up and amount of time available is plunging at 300MPH! That’s how bad life is! Being a Saturday, family comes first and we were eating at an eatery in Hard Land Mall.

Everything was perfect, just like in the movies. Where families eat in joy, laughing, talking, spiting rice all over the place but nobody mind at all thingy. That’s what I need for a weekend, but it didn’t last. I received a message at 12.57pm, it was a hilarious message, it says “Omfg, I am so bored!! What are you doing now?’, something like that I was shocked, it was from Hheenara, one of my classmate. I knew it have got to be a wrongly sent message, as she and another weird guy are involved in a weird relationship, no one knew what was happening, just a 2 week holiday and weird combinations and sightings appeared in our class. Hanky panky in class to be exact, gee, talking about them makes me sick! Seriously everyone in our class were like “Omg, what’s happening? Why do we see two lips sticking together in the middle of a class!”. The boys were like going” Holy S%$#” while the girls are going” EWW! 十分 恶心 啊!!”. They then became the talk of our class, or rather ” Holy Shit Combination Of The Year”. Okay, I am going off topic again, my apologies. Talking about the wrongly sent message, I received another message almost immediately, stating that she was sorry for the message, it wasn’t really meant for me, I can almost feel my eye flooding with tears! Ok,That was a bad joke, it will never ever happen!

Well, I replied her to ask Seraldonato to do the photography as he was sort of slacking all the time, without giving any contribution. To my surprise, I received a message as follows : HELLO! He’s with me doing it RIGHT NOW! I stress the word NOW. I was shocked, I received the message at 1.05, which was like 8 minutes away from the previous one. What I was thinking was that if he was really with her, is it really necessary for her to SMS him that hair-raising message? Beats me, but this is such an unintelligent move. Lying. Protecting someone hopeless. Wasting my money SMSing her. And lastly, SPOILING MY FAMILY DAY. Damn, it made my hand ITCH like hell!

This happened not once but TWICE.

The story then twisted to another flavor, this time it’s strawberry. If I remember correctly, it happened on 16/7/08, also quite a recent event. It was a normal day, fun in school with friends and home sweet home at 5! I was in a happy mood as boring lectures are over, and it’s my own sweet time in the bath tub! I opened up iTunes, maxed the volume and just lay down feeling like I’m in heaven! Five minutes later, I heard the ring tone of death, I wonder if it’s the weird message again, I imagined it being “Omfg, I’m bored! Hehes, even though I am beside you I still sms you, lols!!I feel like a retard”. Come to think about it, it sounds damn stupid. Fortunately, it’s not, it’s just ” DON’T DO THE EDITING, LET SERALDONATO DO IT”. Shocked as before, I was wondering how could such people say such things, won’t they lose face? I innocently replied ” Why I can’t I edit?”. As innocent as it sounds, it wasn’t dealt with innocently. She replied ” Why do you want to do the chicken job when you are trusted to do the bigger job. You are the leader but you don’t want to delegate so I will delegate ! Please don’t make things hard. Anyway Sheraldonato say he already done with it, when he is done with it you can edit all you want!” Oh, so she meant I am a bad leader? What a combination of protective words, but no kudos to her though. Why include love affairs into work? Even if she looks down on her guy to do easy work, why tell it to me? I just can’t feel sad for Seraldonato. Moreover, she stated me being the leader, a leader does delegation ain’t it? A leader DO have the choice of who to delegate his job to. A leader have the choice not to delegate jobs to a subordinate who is being perceived as “Unfit”. But this is the first time I heard of subordinates delegating.

Darn I feel so lost,it’s now two vs one. When can I get the hell out of this group? I need a time machine.

This being my first frictional story ever, don’t criticize it so harshly =X Thanks!


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