Nothing much going on today, statistics is in my m…

In General - Old Posts on June 22, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Nothing much going on today, statistics is in my mind the whole day.

The first few chapters were okay, but it comes to dispersion, I’m so screwed. For the whole afternoon, I still don’t understand the meaning of deviation, Cherbyshevs theorem and the whole bell thing. Until after I spammed that chapter for an hour, I did realize deviation was nothing too difficult to master, BUT, I still don’t know nuts about Cherbyshev Theorem and Empirical Rule crappo. Still, I’ll try out the thousands of exercises in the textbook, to make sure I don’t screw MST up, stress. I still have economics and POA to study, however, these are mostly memorization modules, so, not too much stress on these.

Other than these, I did spent quite a huge chunk of my time on research. Yes, research, but not on the study side, but on, err, weight losing “strategies”. From my research, I found out many interesting stuff I didn’t really know of before, and learnt many ways to lose weight. I’ve learnt more ways to warm-up before starting to jog, which food to take and which not to and lastly, found out how effective skipping was(even without a rope).

I’ll share the links with you guys.


Beginner’s Guide To Running
Losing Belly Fat

That’s just a few of them, I lost many links as I forgot to add them to favorites. That’s all for today. Bye!


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