Wanted to blog yesterday night but unfortunately, …

In General - Old Posts on June 21, 2007 at 12:22 am

Wanted to blog yesterday night but unfortunately, I believe there was a maintenance at around 12 yesterday night. Not very sure about that, as Marcus is able to surf the net, since he was a Starhub Maxonline subscriber as well. However, from Starhub’s official website, I saw a maintenance schedule due on 18 June, they stated they will be carrying out their maintenance at around 3-6am to reduce disruptions. Weird, maybe they had postponed their maintenance to yesterday? I don’t really know. Just that, the feeling without internet is a very terrible feeling.

You feel so disconnected to the world, you feel so boring because whatever you do on the computer requires an internet connection, isn’t it? Firefox, Messenger, Blogs, forums and especially google, what are these essentials without an internet connection? So Starhub better not screw up one day, since it’s already so screwed up, especially it’s download speed.

Another issue, I found out that my blog posts doesn’t have their individual posts nowadays, which means, whatever is displayed on google, will only be linked to the main URL. I remember it used to have their own name beside my main URL. This is real bad seriously, as people are unable to find what they wanted to find easily, they will have to scroll all the way down or click on archive to find it. I will try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Will blog more later, about what I wanted to blog yesterday.


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