Good news from Channel News Asia Singapore, once …

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Good news from Channel News Asia

Singapore, once again, topped the charts in another sector, customer service.

Quoted from Channel News Asia.

Singapore govt is world leader for customer service: report
Posted: 19 June 2007 1255 hrs

SINGAPORE : The Singapore government is a world leader when it comes to delivering on the promise of customer service.

Rounding out the top three are the governments of Canada and the United States, according to the report, Leadership in Customer Service, released by research group Accenture on Tuesday.

The report examined customer service challenges, maturity, and government practices of 22 countries.

Singapore led the first tier of countries for its superior community centres, pensions, and tax plans.

Canada dropped from top spot in the last country rankings in 2005 to take second place.

Both countries were deemed to have strong, compelling visions of value-led, citizen-centric service.

They were also named leaders in educating their citizens on customer service initiatives.

For the first time the rankings included direct citizen feedback.

People assessed the user-friendliness of customer-service channels, the breadth and depth of online services, and overall citizen satisfaction.

Singapore topped the score, with 79 percent of its people believing their customer service has improved over the past three years.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

The report is the eighth in a series examining global customer service performance. – CNA/ch

Another matter I had noticed is the NUS global ranking, it’s SO high in the list, it ranks 19 out of200 universities in the world. The picture I provided below is a 2006 Ranking list done by QS, I can’t really find the 2007 version so here goes.

Incredible ain’t it?


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