Muggage Yay, I have been studying since 11 in the…

In General - Old Posts on June 18, 2007 at 2:55 pm


Yay, I have been studying since 11 in the morning, after forcing myself to wake up at 10. Waking up was this easy.

I set my alarm on my clock,

on my Ipod(with Qrush speakers),

on my handphone

and lastly, my computer(err, my computer’s sound system)

Guess what? I woke up immediately. As I turn my Ipod off, I will still have to reach our to my clock to off it. Then when I laze back to bed, my giant speakers and hand phone will start their sound pollution, I’ll then have to walk up to the table and off it. Kinda crazy, but it’s an effective way of forcing myself up. I’ll set my alarm system this way, when school starts, so I can wake up as early as possible, being in school late will be a thing of the past, hopefully.

Going back to topic, I tried to memorize as much MOB as possible, it’s such a chore, seriously. For the whole day, I only manage to get Intro of MOB and half of culture into my brain, decision I will try out tomorrow. However, I intend to score well for my MST, no matter how hard is it to achieve it, any means necessary(excluding cheating of course). I printed out a shitload of notes, classmates will think I’m crazy since my lecturer already provided us with their notes. To be honest, carrying a huge chunk of notes, with at least 40-50 pages, around in the house is kinda unintelligent and it make you look stupid. Solution? Print your own notes, with color included 🙂

Am not going to continue studying, my mind will go mad if I do. I’ll sleep early tonight, and prepare tomorrow. Sadly, I have lessons, EC lessons in school from 1 to 3. Even worse, I have project work in the morning, but I’ll rather suffer doing it in the morning than doing it after school. Ahh, project works.

That’s all for today I guess, see ya!


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