Dreams Alright, I had a very WEIRD dream yesterd…

In General - Old Posts on June 15, 2007 at 3:12 pm


Alright, I had a very WEIRD dream yesterday. I dreamed about clouds(old friends would know) yesterday. This is what happened : I was walking through a food court in school, then suddenly, someone waved her hand at me, trying to gain my attention. To my surprise, it’s clouds, omfg! This is the weird part, I can’t exactly remember what “she” and ‘I” was talking about, but I remember saying hello. “We” exchanged a few words then I just left, wtf? In real life I would err, you know? Stay there to chat with her forever and ever, but in the dream, I left? I don’t really know what it’s trying to say, this got me thinking like hell. Okay, that’s one out of three weird dreams I encountered.

The second one was about a BMW. Anyone that knew me, especially my close friends and family, would know I love the BMW 7 Series so much that I would die just to own it. What I encountered in my dream was that I am driving it on one particular day. This is the stupid part, and it’s not easy to explain : “My” mind was complaining about how squeezy the 760Li was, and “I” regretted buying it. As usual, this is a contrast from what would happen in real life. My life-long goals is owning a 760Li, and regretting it when I own one would be one of the dumbest ting I’ve ever heard of.

The third one was quite vague, but It was too stupid for me to mention it here, kinda related to the first one.

Anyway, check out this video, the rehearsal of NDP 2007(sadly I didn’t get the tickets).


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