Uptrend! Yes! I can feel it, life’s getting bett…

In General - Old Posts on June 6, 2007 at 3:26 pm


Yes! I can feel it, life’s getting better for me, life is not so boring in school , holiday in 3 days time and the mood is on! No more whirling mind, but a bit of procrastination is still on, though I managed to study 10 minutes of economics just now(I know it’s pathetic, but 10 minutes is better than nothing).

Anyway, was looking at some videos at youtube, It was created by thewinekone , uber funny though watching them was a waste of time, but the laughter it creates is priceless. One particular joke he made was about emo(tional) kids(you know those freaks that possesses weird hairstyles). You know these emo(tonal) kids that had those huge chunk of hair dropping down sideways? That guy said these morons had to do that because they have to hide their EMO teardrops, omfg, that’s the funniest and truest thing I’ve ever heard, the way he ridicule those emofreaks , PRICELESS! Watch it here=>

K gotta sleep cya!


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