The bad month is almost over for me, or that’s wha…

In General - Old Posts on June 4, 2007 at 2:16 pm

The bad month is almost over for me, or that’s what they stated in the book.

It’s the Lillian Too’s feng shui thingy, for people born in the ear of snakes. I find it pretty accurate, the descriptions matched what I experienced every month, it’s like reading your future, pretty cool indeed.

Last month(May 6th to June 5th) was stated as a bad month for me, in every aspect such as work,wealth,love & friendship , School & Education and lastly Family & Children. Work and wealth is out for me, for now. In terms of Love & Friendship, it bodes very bad, love is out for me, let’s elaborate on Friendship. It stated “You have the tendency to be attracted to all the wrong types, and could end up getting hurt. Be guarded and take things slow. People are not what they seem and allowing them into your inner space makes you vulnerable to them. The same goes for friendships.(in school)Be careful who you trust or they could use their relationship with you against you(omg my earphones?)”. Nothing much for family and next, School & Education. It stated “The young snake may find him or herself quite bossy this month. Try not to get too headstrong or you could be making unnecessary enemies(hmm, but I feel it’s necessary :P). You may also be fodder for gossip. If It Happens to you, learn to brush off rumors like water off a duck’s back. Lighten up and don’t take thing too seriously. If you do, you’ll end up upsetting yourself for no reason. When it comes to your academic work, you face an exhausting month ahead. This is mainly you’re likely to have a lot on your mind other than work. If there’s anything that’s really getting into you, find someone to talk to(who?). Getting it off your chest will make you feel a lot better, even if you don’t actually do anything about it. Crises this month are more psychological(omfg so true!) than actual, so use your mind to overcome such obstacles in your life.”

How true is that? My mind is really thinking of too much things during that month, psychological, yes.

Thank god for that book!


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