This, that, omfg what? Do MOB assignments? No w…

In General - Old Posts on June 3, 2007 at 6:32 am

This, that, omfg what?

Do MOB assignments? No way, it’s a day too hot to endure. Memorize Economics? Holy NO! MOB is bad enough, Economics is worse. Hmm, things to do other than studying? Watch TV, but, WATCH WHAT? Games? Games are boring. What else?

Pretty sad day for me, my father’s going to Taiwan for a business trip, which means no Family Day for today. I’m praying he’ll have a safe trip to Taiwan and back from Taiwan, oh, not to forget his safety around Taiwan, it’s such a chaotic place.

As I had already mentioned, no family day today. Everybody’s doing their own things, Joey’s playing Frozen Throne like there’s no tomorrow, Sis is doing her project(I think), Mum’s sleeping and Chia Qing is watching TV. Lastly, myself, struggling on what to do. A day to relax, but how? I’m used to going out with my family on Sundays already, which is the day I look forward to every day in school(which is miserable). The only thing left to do? Blog these shit out.

I’ll elaborate on what I did the last few days.


Joey’s birthday celebration at night.

It’s not exactly his birthday, but we celebrated it earlier on as the day after, 31 May, will be our house warming day. The atmosphere there is great, there was the warmth and love that was quite absent on my birthday alone. My grandmother is there, so there’s another person to celebrate it with. We ate the usual stuff, KFC and Pizza Hut. However, the experience is different, It was one the best dinner I ever had, everyone’s happy and enjoying each other’s presence but I did eat too much on that day. When it comes to the birthday cake, Joey took retarded pictures with us, and yes, we had lots of fun. One of the contributing factor was because we’re celebrating it outdoors, below my Sister’s room, the open space, which leave us lots of space to wander about. Great day it was.


It was house warming, almost all my relatives gave us a visit.

We started the morning by fetching some relatives from my Mother’s side, there were some hiccup at first as my Sis missed a turn or two, but luckily due to Singapore’s Efficient road system, we are able to U-Turn and we’re back on track to our destination. As a result, we arrived there a little bit late, 15 minutes late to be exact. Prior to this, one of my aunties complained, saying that we’re very late, she was quite fierce and serious. She keep repeating her complaints, pointing at her watch. What the hell? We came all the way from Yio Chu Kang to fetch her, this is what we get? And she was such a fussy person, she stated she can’t eat oily food, hence, she wanted us to get her some “clean” food. My father and I went to buy chicken rice, not so chicken anymore as we have to specially order chicken rice with NORMAL rice and Chicken without skin. That’s not much of a problem for us, but when we brought it back for her, she complained there wasn’t Chilli in it, god. Other than that, not much of a problem. We had a great time, our cousins arrived and the fun factor increased. Played computer, chat, and we’re having another dinner next week. My cousins will be staying in our house next week, for a day, really looking forward to it. Not to forget, some evil freak stole my new earphones, I wonder who it is. I know it’s not easy to find out who the culprit is, but, oh well, just take it as a gift to whoever took it, I had already replaced it 😛


Nothing special, it was school, as sucky as before.


Old Friends, family, what else can I ask for?

Yes, Old friends. I met Lionel, Benjamin Quek and Lionel’s new friend. I know it’s a small number, but I hope the number will grow larger every outing. Zul’s not free, sadly. I’m planning for a reunion during the school holidays, but still, no bastards nor bitches 🙂

We went to watch Shrek 3(will give a review soon), a great movie indeed. We went to play some LAN after that, have the old same feeling, more fun than I ever had this year. I’ll elaborate on this later.(will edit this post later)


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