Masterplan 2007 Time to get real, I’ve been slack…

In General - Old Posts on May 28, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Masterplan 2007

Time to get real, I’ve been slacking too much and nothing is being achieved. Too many things on my mind at one time, especially things like friends, liking somebody, irritating teammates and people who just want things to go against me and oh, and not to forget the temptation to play games. I’ve decided to have only one goal, progress, progress and PROGRESS. What’s the use of having so many WANTS at one time when you don’t have the capability of gaining them right?

Achieving them is definitely not easy. I’ll have to stop hating people, stop liking people, stop thinking of games and stop procrastination. These things can only be achieved by myself and no body else can help me with that.

My goal? To ace in my course, so as to build a good foundation for my future. Is my future bright or bleak, that’s for me to decide. I have to try not to let anything affect my drive to change myself. Thinking of unnecessary things is a very time consuming activity which is driving me crazy these few weeks.

I want my life to be better next month onwards.

From now onwards, my life is gonna change(hopefully).


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